Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Swing

I can tell from all of the blogs I follow that I am not the only one in a full Halloween Swing. My house is full of festive Halloween decor. I have even been scaring The Mister with my decorations. This weekend it was pumpkin carving time!!!
Yes, it was hot when we went to the pumpkin 'patch'

The Mister like the kind with warts on them.

The Princess punched that pumpkin so hard it was indented - well at least it looks that way.

How precious is she in her LSU uniform posing?

And just because she is cute does not mean she will not dig in and play with the pumpkin guts.

Dad and Momma C's Pumpkin, Brother's, Mine, The Mister's, and in front is The Princess' pumpkin.
My Brother was the only one who did not use a stencil and yes his is the best. We are a crafty bunch in my family. 

What have y'all been doing to celebrate Halloween? Do you celebrate Halloween?

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