Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonderous Weekend

My weekend was amazing! I was watching my step-dad's house and critters while he was out of town and it was eventful. Friday night was boring nothing real exciting happened just relaxed and ate the roast he left me...YUM.

Saturday I woke up early to make blueberry waffles (farm fresh yum!) and this slowed me down so I didn't make it to the farmers market. But who can be sad eating this?

After eating I checked the chickens for eggs and if they needed anything & I found this little guy in the incubator

We named him The Hulk because of how he popped out of the shell.
The day only got better we picked blackberries and I got all scratched up but I guess that is what you get for doing so in a skirt. But it was so much fun I didn't care.
I have been with the boyfriend for over 6 months not too long but long enought to know he has a barn right? Well I gues not! I found out over the weekend, and I cannot wait to go discover it! I think it will be grand to go back there and see the hidden treasures it may have. Camera is a must for that trek!
Sunday was bland Waffle House breakfast then animal check then Mario before eating a garden fresh dinner then home!
It was a great weekend and next week is the lake...(maybe I will not look so albino next monday!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

This week has been super crazy! We got new garage doors so we had to clean out the garage & put up new drywall. Then I attempted to make a vintage style dress out of yellow gingham. It was super cute until I put it on...I have wonderful broad shoulders so I could not zip it up. I did get a cute skirt out of it though. I organized my sewing area that took a whole night itself. Oh and the most tragic thing is I lost my camera so I cannot even post my new skirt. :( But it is all good because this weekend I am going to the farmers market, and I am debating on going to the Boomtown Film & Music Festival. Yay! I guess I will have to take pictures with my phone so I will be able to post blurry pictures! So to not have a picture-less post here you go!
This is my baby sister swingin' at the park. I just adore this picture!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy Busy Night

Man, last night I was did a ton of sewing and I wore my dress that I just made and that I am so proud of. So let's see it right!

Work in progress Skirt
This is still a work in progress I haven't hemmed it and I need to make it easier to put on.

Fuzzy briefs
This is just a joke pair of boxer briefs for my step-dad...funny story but too long to tell...sadly :(

Reversable laptop bag

Reversable laptop bag reversed

This is a reversable Laptop bag I made for my step-step mom for Mother's Day but I to make some adjustments.

OK so don't mind the awkward stance and confused look I was talking when the picture was being taken. BUT, anyway I made this dress thanks to simplicity the picture does not give the fabric justice. It is super flowery and pretty.
And now for my favorite picture of the whole day!

Blake huggin Harley
My baby sister Blake is hugging her puppy Harley, she loves that dog it is so cute. She even kisses Harley's back when she is hugging her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

I am not sure why but here lately I have had an interest in weddings. Now it will be a while before I get married trust me! But that doesn't stop me from looking right?

Anyways I will stop talking & show some awesome pictures!

Wedding by Jesslsteele featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

I just love Lace and the pop of black (AWESOME!). Now I love wedding but hate, I mean HATE diamonds, and flowers.... horrible I know but think of what you can use instead of those.

Next week I will have some alternative to the real flowers that I canoot get past the smell of!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Unexpected Weekend!

Living in the south is just amazing! Saturday I had a wedding to go to, so I dressed in a summery outfit (the skirt of which I made). Yes I know I live in southeast Texas and I am that pale it's horrible. But back to what I was saying after that I went to my parents and we had an impromptu crawfish boil. It was amazing!! The crawfish was spicy, and peeled perfectly! My baby sister even got in and started playing with the tasty mudbugs.

And man did we have some big ones!