Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Goal

So I have decided to try my had at another month long challenge. I know last time I failed half-way though, but I was also in school taking 4 classes plus working full time so it was hard to sit down and draw everyday. I know y'all don't want to hear my excuses so I will stop with that non-sense. But what I wanted to say was that this new challenge is a photo one instead of a drawing one so that should make it easier on me. Anywho here is the challenge.
feb pictures
*As you can see this is not my own list, it was made by @FATMUMSLIM I do not know who that is but I found it on Miss Indie's blog. *

Friday, January 27, 2012


I am not sure if I have mentioned this on here before but I am a Nerdfighter. That  does not mean that I am a bully, that means that I am a HUGE nerd and am proud of it. But what it really means is that I follow the Vlogbrothers on youtube; it is John and Hank Green and the community that follows them is called Nerdfighters.

Anywho I mention that to say I have read (ok listened on Audible at work) John's latest book 'The Fault in Our Stars'. I LOVED it! Ok so I have yet to read a John Green book that I didn't like but seriously OH MY GOODNESS.  If I had not been at work when I listened to this book I would have cried my eyes out. I am going to the book store to get the hard copy of this book ASAP. (If I am lucky it will be signed & if I am SUPER lucky it will have a hanklerfish or a yeti in it) This book was so sad, so sweet, so amazing, frustrating at parts, and others all you felt was pity. It is a tragic love story, that just thinking about it gives my goosebumps. This book is in my top 10 favorite books right now. I knew some of what the book was about going in to it based on the vlogs from John but I did not get how much I would feel for the characters. I felt their pain, I felt their sorrow, I got flustered at their love and felt their anger. This book brings you into their world, makes you know how it feels to be in their shoes. I am blessed to have never been put in their situation  so far in my life but I am glad this book is out their for when others are. Basically I think you should read it. I think everyone should read it. I understand that young adult fiction is not for everyone but it is seriously an amazing book!

Let me know what books y'all have felt so strongly about after you read it, or just some of your favorites.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Does it really matter Paula?!

So many people are talking about the "Paula Scandal" and I feel that I need to put my two cents in.

Now I want y'all to know I LOVE me some Paula Deen! Her food is amazing, her pans are the greatest ever (I have many), and she seems like an all around sweet person. I am sure I love her because I am southern and she cooks good southern food. I like to say I eat healthy but to be honest if I do not eat that healthy. Heck last night I ate chicken spaghetti which is Velveeta, Rotel, spaghetti noodles, and chicken mixed in a baking dish topped with more cheese until melty and delicious.  I love cheese, butter, carbs, and other bad stuff. Granted I do not eat a whole lot of sweets, not a fan of chocolate, and my favorite snacks are fruity like the frozen fruit pops or yogurt but that is the healthiest bit of my diet. Now that I have gotten that out I want to say that I am not upset or angry at Paula for having diabetes like many people are.

I think that is perfectly fine that she didn't tell everyone that she had diabetes because it has nothing to do with her career. Yes I get that she cooks with TONS of butter and that her food is very fattening and very sweet, but have you ever seen her finish a meal that she makes? NO! Have you ever heard her say anything about over eating what she has cooked? NO! She takes about one bite of food, says she wishes we could taste or smell the food then she moves on to the next dish. I think that the fact that her son is getting a show making her food healthier is great! I think that she will show up on his show, just like they show up on hers. I think that she will do it to preach about moderation and a healthier life-style but she will stick to her 'bread and butter' on her own show. (see what I did there? get it bread and butter? Paula is know for using tons of butter? Get it? huh? Yes I am that clever!) 

Do people think that she eats all of the food that she cooks on her show? Of course she doesn't! I bet you that  the staff on the show eats it, and she eats later (like with her family!) Heck half the time she makes the food twice once on the show and once before the show so we can see the finished product (if it needs to be cooked in the oven) with that much food she is sharing it. But basically I want to say I love Paula Deen and her having diabetes doesn't change my idea of her at all, because I know that she has a TV persona and a real life persona and they do not have to match. So yes I know many people will disagree with me but I still love Paula, I will still watch her show, I will still use her pans, I will still cook some of her recipes, and I will still adore the Paula Butter memes.


P.S. Alton is my favorite Food Network chef ! Who is y'all's?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy little bee!

So guys what have y'all been up to? I have been a busy little bee. The Mister thought his grandmother was coming in the past weekend so I had to attack our guestroom (AKA my closet) I had to iron and hang up all the clothes that I put on the chair instead of putting up after doing laundry. The Mister decided to FINALLY go though his closet and extra drawers in our room to move some of my clothes in. Well it failed! The closet looks great but he has SO MANY Magic cards that they would not  fit in his mini closet. By mini closet I mean that half of my shoes would not fit in there let alone my skirts. We basically had to organize the whole house not for his Grandma but her coming was the catalyst that made us WANT to get it done. Fun thing is that she is coming NEXT weekend! So all of the late nights staying up cleaning and organizing when we have to wake up for work EXHAUSTED! This weekend was spent relaxing after the week of hard work and little sleep.

We had a date night C/O my Grandmother and Grandfather, (they gave us a gift card to a delicious Sushi & Steak restaurant). When we were walking it off at Wal-Mart we came across a cute rug that was perfect size for our living room and colors matched amazingly and for only 50 bucks we had to have it! But being the brilliant blogger that I am I forgot to take pictures of it.

Well guys I have to get back to work now I just wanted to check in and see what y'all have been up to.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tripoly or Tripolie...

Or how ever you want to spell it! Have y'all heard of this game? It is a super fun poker/gambling game where you bring one roll of nickles and play until everyone get tired! When we first played this game we got a poster board and drew circles on it to play the game. Well for my (ex)step-dad's birthday I made him a board. This board actually.

Custom Tripoley Board $50
Yes he was a Marine, and he thinks that since it says "David Wins" no matter who leaves the table with the money he still won.

Custom Board for David W/ bowls $50
In the beginning of the game you play poker (without showing your cards) so after that the bowl in the middle is moved out of the way. But what do y'all think? I also made one for my aunt.

Tripoley Board Cost $50
Sorry it is fuzzy, it was taken on a cell phone and sent to me(because I am an awesome blogger who makes things and forgets to take pictures of them). Well The bowls on this board are white with black labels. As you can guess my aunt's name is Patty. She has convinced me to start selling my boards, because her friends are jealous and want ones for themselves. I am kinda excited because I have decided to make a shop like I have mentioned on my 24 Before 25  list and I think this might be my first shop item! Well I just wanted to show off what was going on in my craft room lately. What have y'all been crafting?

P.S. if y'all want I can describe how to play the game it is so fun (even though I never win)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

**UPDATE** 24 Before 25

Picnik collage

#6  UPDATE  Just finished with the final book of The Hunger Games (I am not counting audio books) 1 out of 5
#12 UPDATE done both sides of my family and going to do it my (ex)Step-Dad's side again 
#19 UPDATE I did this over the over Christmas & on the 4th for Blake's birthday but this is a full year thing, it will never be done
#21 UPDATE I am getting address and birthdays right now so this is happening!


Friday, January 6, 2012

What now?!

I am STUMPED! I watch series on netflix like crazy and I am running out of ideas! Seriously I know this is not a HUGE deal but I need some ideas of what to watch next.  Need a list of some that I have watched & loved?

-Doctor Who ♥♥♥♥♥ (not the classic version it is too hard to put them in order)
-Bones ♥♥♥♥
-Buffy ♥♥♥
-Angel ♥♥♥
-Vampire Diaries ♥♥♥♥ (just got caught up..I didn't really think I would like it but I was wrong!!)
-Heroes ♥♥♥♥(same with VD I wasn't sold until I started watching)
-Being Human ♥♥♥ (US over UK)
-How I Met Your Mother ♥♥♥♥♥ (NPH are you serious!)
-White Collar ♥♥1/2 (Use to be addicted but now just eh)
-Weeds ♥♥ 
-Lie To Me ♥♥♥♥♥ (I hate that this show ended!)
-Office ♥♥ (use to be 5 ♥ but it's not as good with out Michael Scott)
-Psych ♥♥ (I like it but it is not one I have to watch)
-30 Rock ♥♥♥♥♥(Love it, Tracy Morgan is a bit much for me but still funny)
-FireFly ♥♥♥♥♥
-Robin Hood♥♥♥♥♥(all I have to say is SWOON)
-Eureka ♥♥♥♥
-Tin Man ♥♥♥♥♥(come on Zoey Deschanel)
-Mad Men ♥ (I tried really hard to like this but I can't)
-The Wizards of Waverly Place♥♥♥(I don't mind some disney syfy)
-Parks & Recs ♥ (again I tried really hard to like this one)
-Numb3rs ♥♥♥♥♥ ( I only hate that it ended)
-Parenthood ♥♥♥♥ (it has Lorelia from Glimore Girl's!!)
-Gilmore Girls ♥♥♥♥♥
-Dollhouse ♥♥♥♥♥ (why do shows like this end??)
-Torchwood ♥♥♥♥♥ ( I bet y'all knew that already)
-Legend of the Seeker ♥♥♥♥♥ (already wrote about this one)
-Dexter ♥♥♥

You know what that list can go on FOREVER but I will stop there. Not that was not all watched this year but they were the ones off the top of my head. But really if y'all have any clue on what would be a good series to watch next let a girl know!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A year in review

Well I was going to write up a list of resolutions, but I decided that I am doing the 24 Before 25 and they are about the same. Then I was going to put the top posts of the year but to be honest I haven't really posted enough for that so I decided to put what has happened this year.

-Let's see I moved in with my mister.


-Got bangs

-Renovated the pantry

-Renovated the living room (well partially)

-Started Canning



-Decided to go back to school

-Got an awesome printer

-Started selling stuff I made!

-Decided to open a shop

-Took family photos

-Made my blog a little bit more of a priority

-Went on a lot of sister dates with my little pumpkin

-Got a new couch

Well I think that might be it and if not I cannot remember, because I have a horrible memory! So what did y'all do this year? Did y'all make any resolutions? I would love to hear!