Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner! (and that I forgot to do any Thanksgiving posts)
I have been working on making presents lately and I am SOOO excited about them.

Ausin Wizard World Com Con
This is from paint night with my niece. Her painting below blew me out of the water.

Brooke's amazing Art
Can you believe that crap. She was looking at a tiny picture on my tablet and busted this bad boy out. All free hand and that is acrylic paint not water paint.

But I made this MASSIVE D20 for my step-dad for his birthday.  I think it is safe to assume he has the biggest one in the family - the one in his other hand was his 'big' die before he got his present.

I also made this Dapper T. Rex (Theodore Rex III to be exact) for my sister. She has a bit of a dino obsession. This makes me so happy I was attacking Da'Hubby with Theodore.

I may have shown this one off, at least I think I did on insta. This is an Owl bracelet I made for my brother's sweet girlfriend. She has an owl obsession but who could blame her.

This is another one I may have shown, this is my 'Mirror, Mirror on the desk who is the best?' gift for my niece. She loves all things Disney. 
Disclaimer: I know that is the wrong face in the mirror but, this face is more memorable than the usual man in the mirror.

Lastly some messy holiday nails.
I took this while it was still wet and I had not cleaned them up yet, I forgot to take a clean picture before I cleaned them off for birthday nails.


So are you doing any fun holiday crafts?

Monday, November 25, 2013

My First Comic Con

This weekend I spent an amazing time here!

Austin Freakin' Comic-Con!!!!!! This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. 
The first day was all down stairs on the show floor looking at the booths spending too much time down Artist Alley and being amazed at the cos players. 

Ausin Wizard World Com Con  Ausin Wizard World Com Con
Ryan Frye and Ivy Doomkitty were the Big name cos players there.... Ryan even had the Thor voice it was incredible!
Ausin Wizard World Com Con
501st Legion Star Garrison showed up in full force, Storm troopers were all over the place.
Ausin Wizard World Com Con
R2 Builders were great too, the R2s moved and made the noises. Da Hubby said this was his favorite from Friday night.

Ausin Wizard World Com Con    Ausin Wizard World Com ConAusin Wizard World Com Con
Ausin Wizard World Com Con     Ausin Wizard World Com Con
I saw a Tardis dressing room, fought with Vader, met Mario and a Ghostbuster while wearing my Mario Ghostbusters mash-up shirt, survived a Sharknado and found another tardis

Ausin Wizard World Com ConAusin Wizard World Com Con Ausin Wizard World Com Con     Ausin Wizard World Com Con 
Saturday was all panels Stan Lee, James Marsters, Shatner with Bakula, and B movie King Bruce Campbell
Ausin Wizard World Com Con   Ausin Wizard World Com Con
The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special was spectacular. I was teary, I had my heart race in many parts, it is one of my favorite episodes ever. 

Ausin Wizard World Com Con Ausin Wizard World Com Con 
Watched a costume contest
Ausin Wizard World Com Con
And met some MENIONS!!!!
Ausin Wizard World Com Con 

Sunday was just James Hong and then home but James was hilarious I mean check out the video for example. 


P.S. Sorry so the massive picture dump but I had to share. 

P.P.S. Have you ever been to a Con? 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Club: Something Worth Fighting For

I originally read this book because I went to school with Ashley and I wanted to support her. With that said my knowing her has no affect on my reactions to this book.
Something Worth Fighting For

The Amazon synopsis says:
After a rough past Ellie Grant now leads an easy life. Between school, work, and beach days with her loud mouth best friend Darcy, she keeps things simple. She never knew there was something missing until she found it. 

When Marine Corps Sergeant Atlas Ryker walked into the diner that morning her world stopped and started spinning in the opposite direction. 

Falling in love is easy. 
Deployment is hard. 
Distance will mean nothing when someone means so much. 

My feelings:
I am so glad that I read this book. I was not even half way finished with it and I had already bawled and giggled many times. I was recommending this book before I finished it. 

Growing up in a family with 2 grandpas, an uncle, step-dad, brother and many friends in different branches of the military I knew this girls pain. I lived on a marine base, I saw women whose men were off shore, I saw their pain. Reading this book it was all brought back.  As soon as I finished I called to see if my baby brother was still wanting to enlist. 

I felt like I knew the people in this book, way she make you fall in love with the characters is amazing. It was like they were my friends or family and I was reading their diary. I was fully engulfed in this book, I could not put it down. 

My Rating:
♥♥♥♥1/2 out of 5

I would have given it a full 5 but I lost sleep reading this book and that is my way of getting back at it lol. Seriously though it is an amazing book and I HIGHLY recommend it to you even if you are not a big love story fan it is fantastic! 


P.S. I am reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods now and will review it next. If you have a book recommendation let me know!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One more day!

I cannot believe tomorrow is Halloween! Last night Da'Hubby and I were not home to watch a Halloween movie, instead we played in a costume bowling tournament. hallowern bowling tourney
We were Superman and Supergirl! We did see a few other superheroes like Robin, Power Rangers, and Wonder Woman.

hallowern bowling tourney
My niece showing off her muscles as Snow White. 

hallowern bowling tourney
Hippy brother-in-law

And lastly sista-in-law as a wickd witch and her little ballerina.

We had so much fun! I whooped some hiney on the first game with 3 strikes in a row (turkey time). On game 2 I sucked it up pretty bad, I lost my super powers I guess. For the costume portion we lost the individual and the group awards, but hopefully next year we will smoke them guys. 


What have you been doing for Halloween this year?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Movie Edition: The Mummy (1932)


This is one of those old movies that I have always wanted to watch but have never gotten around to. I am not turned away from a show being black and white or being from before the 80's, Heck I actually love some old movies ( just usually not westerns).


I was not blown away by this movie but it was okay. I feel like I should love this movie because it was the beginning but I just can't.  I was able to mark it off my list and it has Boris Karloff in it.

This is just like any mummy film a mummy comes to life, mummy awakens spirit of lost love, blah blah blah.
There was nothing that set this movie apart really except this was the first movie like that. All of the other mummy movies have copied this one! I do not know what I was expecting when I started watching this but I just was not captivated. I wish I was I love old movies just not this one I guess.


What about you, have you ever watched a movie hoping you would love it just to find you think it is okay?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Movie Edition: House at the End of the Street


I have been on the fence about seeing this movie. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but I am not big into actually scary movies. Cheesy horror is more of my pick, I can handle suspense, I can handle gore but scary movies are not my favorite. I am starting the movie now so let's see what I think in 1 hr and 40 minutes from now.

house at the end of the street

Well I just finished it and I was just not impressed. Of course J. Lawrence was good, heck the acting was great. Going into this movie I thought it was going to be scary suspenseful but it really wasn't. The action really does not start until the last 30 minutes of the movie. Don't get me wrong the last 30 minutes were great but it did not make up for the slow hour leading up to it. I think that so much of the story is in the end, they really should have spread it out a bit more. 

I do not think I will be buying this movie but I am glad I watched it. The trailer for this movie was more suspenseful than the actual movie. Seriously the majority of the trailer was scenes from the last 30 minutes of the movie, I feel like I do not even need to say spoilers since the trailer did that already.   


So have y'all seen this movie? If so what did you think?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Movie Edition: Cabin in the Woods


This is a movie I was actually really excited to review because Joss Whedon is one of the writers and the hottie that is Chris Hemsworth is in it. I will watch any movie with either Hemsworth brother in it, or with Joss Whedon in the credits. I should also mention if you are a Dollhouse fan (which I am assuming you are based on Joss Whedon being the writer of that show) that Fran Kranz as in Topher frickin' Brink is in this movie.

The Cabin at the end of the woods

According to IMDb the just of the movie is :
Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

I seriously like this movie a lot! I do not want to spoil anything but the monsters are amazing! This makes me love Topher (Fran Kranz) and Joss Whedon so much more. I can see myself watching this movie more often. This is like a (barely)horror movie with some classic Whedon one-liners and small bits of dark humor. I hope that if you have not seen this movie you totally should. This is not a scary movie but it is very gory. 

Going in to this movie I was expecting so much because of the names in it and I was happily pleased.  At first I could not get why what was happening was happening, but after a while I started to understand. I think if I rewatched this movie I would notice some more hidden gems. Is it sad I hope there is a second one, even though I know there will not be one. I was just seriously happy with my decision to watch this movie. 


Have you seen this movie, if so what did you think? Also who do you fan girl after, where you watch anything they are in? I am totally like that with Joss Whedon.  

Friday, October 25, 2013

Count Down to Halloween: Movie club edition: Children of the Corn


So for this small little countdown I am just going to review a bunch of Halloween movies. I am starting with a show I am not even sure I have seen before Steven King's Children of the Corn.
Children of the corn

Okay, after watching this I can tell you that I should have watched it sooner. Y'all know how much I love my cheesy movies but this was a little much for me. I understand that it was made in 1984 so the CGI is not that good but seriously this was special. I was going into this movie thinking I was going to be so scared and to be honest I was a bit bored with it. I was not scared, at the edge of my seat, or anything of that nature. Once it got to the end and the 'special' graphics hit the screen I was a bit more interested (you know because of my love for cheese) but it was not enough to hold me.

Malachai killed me in this, I could not get over his face I do not know what it was but the lips/teeth proportion were so off I could not take him seriously. All in all I think that I am glad I watched this movie so I can mark it off my list of movies to watch but I cannot say I will buy the movie or go out of my way to watch it again.

What do you think? Have you seen this movie, did you like it?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Patches, Emus, and Jack-o-Lanterns Oh My

This weekend we pretty much lived at my parents house. All of my relatives were in town (from my Dad's side at least) and we thought we should carve pumpkins.

halloween 2013
I had to get a picture with my little princess
halloween 2013
Yes..we went to the same pumpkin patch two days in a row...we needed more pumpkins
halloween 2013
How cute are my sister and cousin together?
halloween 2013
Who doesn't want to ride in a wagon?
halloween 2013
We have a rule, if you can carry the pumpkin to the register you can have it. Let's just say that was not her pumpkin.
halloween 2013
Do child labor laws count if they want to do it? lol
halloween 2013
Our hard work in picking out the pumpkins resulted in these beauties. 
Princess' Bobcat paw - Momma C's Cat on a fence, Aunt V's moon and star, Da 'Hubby's evil one, Mine is the flamer, and Aunt R had the witch on a broom 
halloween 2013
Behind my Grandparents house there is a farm with horses, emus, deer and a duck who thinks he is a deer.
halloween 2013
The Princess was a bit afraid of the emus.

We had a great weekend of family fun time. It was so nice to see my cousins and their babies, and my aunts. I cannot wait until Christmas for ALL of my family comes in. 

What do you do when your family comes to visit?