Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fishing, Painting, Playing, Eating, Life

I have been lazy with blogging lately - I wasn't a fan of the journal prompts or I didn't have good answers and I haven't really had anything to talk about but here is what I have been up to lately. 

Please tell my I am not the only one LOVING Taco Bell's breakfast. Yumm AM Crunch Wrap

Watching these grown "men" (AKA Da'Hubby and his brother) play bumper cars with my nephew

Yes I caught that fish but it fell off the hook on to the ground and I was afraid to pick up the floppy fish so my step-daddy did it for me. 

Spying on my step-daddy's mean geese after fishing

Step-Daddy's ducks are growing - this is Donald

Sharing Choco-Tacos with my sister - Well I just ate ice cream

Holding my sister's puppy who is worn out from playing all day at a crawfish boil

Painted my carrot box - in case I forgot what I planed in there

DaHubby's reaction to me saying I need to take a picture to sent to my daddy so he knows to try Mutt & Jeff's (the restaurant we are at). I think he didn't like me making him wait to take a bite until after the picture was done. 

Got a new mug at work - I may not be the boss in the office but I am still the best boss of ME! mug c/o Quill.com for me using Dunder-Mifflin products at work

What have you been up to? I would love links to go see.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Making : Children's book staring a Hammerhead shark
Cooking :  Not a single thing this week 
Drinking : Coffee - I have been up WAY past my bed time 3 out of the past 4 nights

Reading: Ascend the last book in the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking
Wanting: A teaching gig!!
Looking: Forward to seeing my family this weekend and decorating for Easter
Playing: way too many facebook games and Clash of Clans
Deciding: How I can help a new project I joined building an inclusive playground
Wishing: It would stop raining
Enjoying: the weather when it is not raining
Waiting: To have the home loan finished to remodel my house
Liking: the way my garden is turning out

Wondering:How do they really know what dog food tastes like do they have tasters?
Pondering: If I will have time to work on my crafts this weekend
Considering :  Turning off my cable - I mean we have netflix and HIMYM is now over 
Watching: Sourcefed on youtube 
Hoping: My projects come out as planned
Marveling: the amount of love and care in my community 
Needing: sleep!
Smelling: coffee
Loving: my amazing family

Wearing: the most comfortable maxi skirt and tee-shirt combo with a denim button up shirt cover
Following: my dreams
Noticing: how truly blessed I am 
Knowing: Life is amazing
Thinking: I wish I was eating crawfish right now
Feeling: happy
Admiring: the generosity of the community
Giggling: how goofy my husband is

Sorting: a never ending pile of laundry
Buying: iron on transfer for shirt and koozie making
Getting: inspired
Bookmarking: too many movies on netflix and books on Scribd
Disliking: how limited time is
Opening: imagination to this book I am a writing
Snacking: new goldfish flavors - strawberry shortcake and french toast!

Coveting: so many different talented people 
Helping: get the word out about LCI Stay and Play project
Hearing: Avenged Sevenfold in the Bad Assery playlist my buddy made on Spotify