Sunday, October 28, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: Nails!


For those ladies who work on Halloween and cannot dress up, at least you can dress up your nails!

Easy Halloween nails
For quick easy nails you could always go with these by Sally Hansen. They are available at pharmacies, Wal-Mart, Target and any other store with a make-up / nail section. I have some of these and they work so well! I think I was able to wear them for 2-3 week until my nails grew out too much.

These mummy nails from Nail Polish is Alive are awesome! I have all of the stuff to do this, now I need to get Josh to do my dominate hand. 

These are awesome too! They are by Kayla Shevonne, and I would love to try this but I do not have a steady enough hands to do it. 

These Frankenstein nails are too cute. They are by nailed.heatherface and if you follow the link she has a video tutorial. 

These nails are bloody awesome. (see what I did there lol) If you click HERE or on the picture you will go to the youtube video on how to do this nail art. 

Or you could always go with the traditional candycorn nails. I think I may want to do the umbre style with this. These are from Nail-Files from the Basement.


Do you do seasonal nails?

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