Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update

I seriously use to LOVE SNL but lately I have not been able to get in to it, but Weekend Update was a favorite of mine. Any who how was y'all's weekend? Mine so so good!
 mammoth jalapeno Messpot 
messy Blake Untitled
* My brand new pantry light (our old one was florescent and SUCKED) 
*I got this awesome shirt from the antique store across from work
*Seriously how cute are those flowers
* our first gift from the garden a mammoth jalapeno
*REALLY look how big that guy is!
*Little Miss being sassy before the talent show at her school fair
* Mamma C was the make-up artist for 'House Chores Stink'
*Have y'all met this little guy I found while picking berries in our back yard??

I hope y'all's weekend was just as fun as mine, and pretty soon I will have some dewberry/blackberry recipes for all the berries I have picked lately


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So I have not done one of these in a while and I thought today would be a good day to have "another episode of Wedding Wednesday brought to you by crazy family members" (said in a TV announcer's voice)

So guys here is the deal, as you know I do not like the smell of flowers, well The Mister's mom is upset because she ALWAYS does the floral arrangements. I told her no flowers period, well she was seriously giving me a guilt trip (hate those) well I caved and said Honeysuckles are the only flower I would want. The Mister found out and being the wonderful man that he is told her to stop pressuring me and I get to have a flowerless wedding like I had planned!!! All of that being said here are some options I am toying with for bouquets.
Pinwheel Wedding Bouquet
  This Pinwheel Bouquet but in our wedding colors (faded red, blue and yellow *think old county fair)
Pinwheel Wedding Party Set of 4 Pinwheel Bouquets and 4 Boutonnieres by Rule42 - custom designed for you
Or we all carry a single pinwheel and mine be bigger 
Lollipop Bouquet
Or maybe lollipops, but that can get heavy.
This one is my favorite but living in SE Texas it will be too hot and humid sadly.
Custom Bridal Bouquet Alternative - Aqua and Red - Handcrafted
Brooch bouquets are so pretty too

This is just a few ideas for the bouquets for our wedding. What do y'all think for a county fair wedding (with no flowers), what kind of bouquet?
"Next time on Wedding Wednesday we will be discussing the 'cake'"(again in TV announcer's voice)


Monday, April 23, 2012

Instant Week

Well guys I have been in a very sad mood the past week and haven't felt like doing anything but spend time with my family. I found out last Sunday that my dad is being relocated, so at the end of the summer my dad, mamma C and Blake are moving about 2 hours away. I know it is not that far of a distance but we can no longer just pop over for dinner or run and pick up Blake to get sno-cones. I love spending time with my family and now this will make it a little harder. :(
So this is what my pout-y butt has been up to this week.

image image image image image Untitled image image
1. Picking black berries and scouting areas for picking later in the summer
2. yummy breakfast with the mister
3. finding little eggs in a nest
4. The Mister never remembers to put checks after giving Taco her medicine, so he decided to be a smart-alk and draw symbols
5. Taco resting on my arm while I play Phase 10 with the Mister
6. watching graffiti on trains
7. monochromatic lunch
8. Blake spinning me in a rolley chair

I hope y'all had a fun weekend!!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Reliving my childhood

When I was maybe 3 or 4 my parents took me and my brother to go see Trout Fishing in America (I still have the VHS they sold after the show). I loved them!!! I remember having the tape and always singing to it in the car. Well my friends I have gotten Blake in to them too! This is her favorite song.

She is so cute too she does a dino walk and rawrs. Another one she always requests it the duck song.

The Mr. is not a fan when we sing this song because we are SOO annoying when we quack.

I wish the video for this one was better but I love this song, it always makes me giggle.

I sing this song every time I hurt myself. I cut my hand on a bagel one morning and I was crying and told The Mr. I think I'll need a Band-aid or maybe 3-4.

The Mr. HATES this song but it is so dang cute!! Blake and I rock out to these guys all the time!!! I have all of their song on my iPod and I will play them in my car when I am by myself too. I cannot wait until I am teaching because these songs will be played in my class!

This is not the only band I have gotten her in to, she also like The Aquabats (it helps that they make Yo Gabba Gabba) 

What songs / bands did you listen to when you were little? and do your kids listen to them too?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*UPDATE* 24 Before 25

Picnik collage
5. I have made a deal with my step-dad to sell my goods with his goods at the Farmers Market (Saves me from waking up at 5am on Saturday) 
6. I only read one book this month Dishing With The Kitchen Virgin by Susan Reinhardt (really funny)
6. I have scheduled a date with Laura but she is tied up with school and job hunting
**side note it has taken 5 months to notice I numbered this wrong!!!! I did 6 twice, counting fail!!!**
 8. I have started on this I have organized it and we have plenty of paint on hand but we have to empty out the laundry room first 
14. We have been working on this I may have to post it on here for y'all to see. 
15. I am constantly working on this. I got my hair cut last night and the stylist said it will help my hair hold better since it is lighter. 
16. I have an appointment scheduled to get red highlights before I dye it 
18. I think I am pretty good about this now. I do not have a schedule but I think I have been good with one post a week on average. 
19. that was ALL I did this weekend! Friday with Joe, Brooke and Arianna - Saturday with Joe, Brooke, Arianne, Devin, Micha and Amy (ok so far it has only been Josh's side of the family but family none the less) Sunday with my side (partially) Dad, Candice, Blake and Candice's mom dad aunts and uncles. That is about how my whole month has been each weekend covered with family time like the murder mystery, fair, crawfish boils, art in the park and dinners.
 22. Done & Done! 
24. With all my weekend activities I think I have been pretty good. I have only missed one from being sick.
Do y'all set goals? How well are y'all coming along on them?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Replenish the stock

Can you believe I am already out of my yummy canned garlic??? I had like 5 pints. Ok so I did give a few away but still that is a ton of garlic!! Last night I sat and peeled a sack of garlic for some spicy goodness.
Yes my fingers are SORE! But it will so be worth it in 4 to 6 weeks when they have fully marinated in the habanaro canning juices, and are pickled ready to be chopped up for cooking, tossed in a Bloody Mary or heck eaten plain. (Yes I like garlic that much) I am so ready for my garden to be up and kicking so I can do my green beans again! 
What is your favorite homemade canned good?

Monday, April 2, 2012

How fair it is

I love this time of the year. The weather is great and so much sunshine with some showers to water the garden. The boom of the thunder and lightning brightening the night sky, the honeysuckles blooming with their sweet nectar and the state fair.
I am so glad it was a gorgeous weekend, nice and sunny.

fair collage

Ya I rode rides with the pumpkin & so did our Mama C. Also I can safely say I did not eat a single fried anything! Not fried Oreos, snickers, twinkies or Koolaid (yes they had fried Koolaid) I hunted for some cotton candy on a cone but I think they don't do that anymore, all we found were bags so we opted out knowing we had some at home. But I drank like 4 cups of the nectar of the gods Lemonaid! I do not know why but fair lemonaid it the greatest! In front of the Wal-Mart where my parents live they have a food stand like at the fair year round and it is awesome! Fresh lemonaid or funnel cakes or corndogs and other yummy fair food.

I hope y'all had a great weekend too!