Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vaction Pictures Pt 1

I got back from my vacation on sunday and just loaded half of my pictures on-line. I thought that ya'll would like to see them.

lauras pictures 292
Here is the group shot on the stairs. We went tubing down the Frio River, playing at Garner State Park, and walking/shopping in San Antonio.

Hangin On
This is the front part of the cabin near the outdoor shower.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yay Vacation!

Hello people who do not exist! I am off in 20 minutes for my vacay on the Frio! Yes I know that means cold and  I hate the cold but it is a river and it should be fun! I will have pictures on monday so be prepared for that and adios.

(I don't know why I put this I have no followers and I think the man of mine is the only one who reads but o well)


Monday, June 21, 2010

New Favorite Songs

I went canoeing this weekend and did not bring my trusty digital camera, instead I bought a cheap disposable waterproof camera & have not gone to develope them yet. And seeing how I am trying to be better at posting you get to see a few videos I am obsessed with on youtube.

That was Here Comes My Baby originally by Cat Stevens

Yes that is one of the guys from the previous video. These guys are talented & they are British and are big nerds like me but more talented! But either way I am a big fan.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday is here again!

Man I need an award for how well I am keeping up with this blog.

So I have no excuse this time but I am here now and that is all that matters...right?
I did have a good time while I was away from my computer if that make it any better. I went is an estate sale and got some good sewing stuff, 2 cook books, and white leather gloves. Then the next weekend I went to the wonderful Winnie Trade Days (a giant garage sale with fair ground food) it was great I got some shaboots for my stepmom (birthday). I don't have a picture but they are super low cut cowboy boots that stop below your ankle. But I did find this sweet Landspeeder while I was there.

I really do love going to the trade days but it is only once a month :(.
But this is not all I did. I was driving to work one day but had to take a differnt route for construction :( but I did find this little treasure, in Vidor of course.

Yes that is Tow Mater from Cars in someones front yard. It made me giggle so much I had to share it.
Another this that has happened this past week it that my cutie little sister has been taking swimming lessons & my little cousin is in town with her mom and grandma. Do I have pictures you ask well heck ya I do!

blake swinning lessons 005

This is her jumping in the pool, it looks like she is really consentrating.

blake swinning lessons 008

Did I mention she hates getting her hair wet?

blake swinning lessons 010
Lastly her enjoying herself...I don't know who that little girl she is that is holding her hand but they go to sunday school together.
OK and now to say goodbye until monday...maybe. I leave you with a picture of Avery my little cousin.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silly Silly Me!

Goodness I would forget my name if it wasn't on my driver liscense. So I have attempted to udate my blog many times since my last post but I forgot my password. Well long story short I finally was able to fix that so YAY!

Now for what you have missed.

Cheese cake for my marine stepdad
This is a cheesecake I made for my ex-marine stepdad for Memorial day. All of the berries were freshly grown in SETX and the jam was made from the same fresh berries.

Silly Josh
And here is the silly Mr.Man at the park at the lake.

I did not let him have all of the fun there. I had a blast playing on the swings, the horse swing and the giraffe slide. (Sadly no picture of that it was in the water and I didn't trust people with my camera in the water)

I concored the space-ship

My Favorite thing at this little park was this spaceship. It had a pole in the middle of it and it reminded me of an alien go-go dancers cage. Too bad I didn't have a green outfit to play around some more in the cage.
All in all this was my Memorial Day weekend adventures.