Monday, October 29, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: Monsters


Is it strange to have a love for some monsters, when the whole point of them is to scare you? Well this is a list of some of my favorite monsters. 

Ahh! Real Monsters
Ok so I am cheating right off the bat and naming 3 in 1 on this with Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina. I loved this show as a little kid, so it is hard for me to be frightened of these guys.

Cookie Monster
Or how about the Cookie Monster? How is he scary? He just wants cookies. 

Godzilla!!! :)
Godzilla!! It is not his fault he is so angry. He was a result of a nuclear attack, and as soon as he showed up people started attacking him. If I walked into town and people started shooting at me I might get a little angry too. 

Monsters Inc.
If Boo can love these two lovable monsters why can't we all?

Frankenstein's Monster. This is another monster that is not his fault he is so angry. He was given a bad brain and he was made up of a bunch of dead people so you know he is hurting all over. (especially since he was just out of surgery) 


What monsters are your favorites? 

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