Friday, March 15, 2013

Style File Friday : Art in the Park

Art in the park

Art in the park by jesslsteele featuring navy shirts

Tomorrow is Art in the Park in my little home town so I need to be cozy  but cute and ready for warm or chilly weather so this will be the perfect outfit!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Educational Honeymoon?! Pt 1

Da Hubby and I decided that for one week we would go to museums, aquariums, NASA and whatever we felt like for our honeymoon. We learned about CityPass which if you have a city near you that accepts it, you should try it! A guy I work with told me about it and for $80 dollars The Mister and I had 5 activities that we could do in Houston. Included in the pass was Space Center Houston (NASA), Downtown Aquarium, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo, and The Children's Museum of Houston. All were so much fun except the Children's Museum but I will talk about that later.

On day 1 we hit up Moody Gardens and I could have stayed there the whole entire week! It is an aquarium, zoo, rain forest, movie theater, playground, heck it is just about everything.

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And this was just 2 of the pyramids of  Moody Gardens! My camera died before we went into the Discovery pyramid and I played on a theremin, Da Hubby played a harp and a bunch of other instruments. Not to mention we watched 3 videos a Shark one which was awesome and talked about conservation, a 4D Wizard of Oz where we were poked, squirted in the face with water, blasted with wind, and had our legs tickled so it felt like we were in the move, or the RideFilm that was basically a stationary roller-coaster with a film in front of us ( da hubby got a bit nauseous on that one - kind of jerky) .

After we left about 5 oclock we were starving, we ate pretzels for lunch (we had a huge breakfast), so we thought it was only fitting to eat at Rain Forest Cafe. Oh My Goodness the burgers were so GOOD now they are not Willy Burger good but I was not expecting that good of a burger.  Da Hubby has there pictures since my camera died but we just played on the monkey outside of the restaurant.
Let me know if y'all want to hear about our other adventures while honeymooning - this was just day one!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Big News!!!

Sorry about the hiatus but I am now officially MARRIED!!
These pictures were taken by the wonderful Melina and I loved them. This is from the bridal portraits, I have not gotten the wedding pictures yet but I cannot wait to show them to y'all. Da Hubby and I had a blast on our honeymoon and I will absolutely post pictures once I go through them all (I have TONS)