Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Questions about religion

*These are my real questions! They are not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, I really want to know the answers! I will not be offended by any answers, and will give honest feedback. I truly want to learn more on this subject*

So I know there are many religious bloggers out there and I am a little jealous of that. I wish I was that devoted to something like that. I am a spiritual person, I feel I do the right thing most of the time, I don't drink, I have never done drugs, and I don't break the 10 commandments but I have so many questions about religion that I cannot be truly and wholly devoted to something I have questions about. I was raised Southern Baptist(I don't know the difference but that's what people at my church always said "southern Baptist") and it was ok I really enjoyed spending time with the youth group but I got bored in church! I am very interested in religion, in all religions. I want to know more about them. I know that I will get comments on this but...

How do you know the religion you believe in is the right one? When I ask this question I get the same answer "faith". I get that being raised on something makes you believe it; like Santa if you raise your kids saying Santa is real, then they will believe it until you tell them otherwise (or they learn from older kids). Now I am not saying Santa is Jesus/Buddha/Allah/etc. equivalent but I am saying that just because your family raised you one way doesn't mean it is right (not that religion isn't right). 
I really hope I am making sense right now.

Okay so another thing I may get comments about is...
The Greek Gods, I understand where the Greeks were coming from with their gods. They had things happen in the world around them and didn't know how to explain them so they had the gods. I understand that logic. But the thing that I really like about it is the lineage. The question I have always had in church as a child was who was God's father, we know that Jesus was born of Mary and Joseph and was God's child, but who is the Grandpa or God's dad. When learning about creation I was always told something cannot come from nothing that is why the big bang isn't possible, so using that logic is where my question came from. I was always told it was faith. I got tired of all of my questions having the same answer, I wanted a real answer. 

IF something cannot be made from nothing how did God make Earth
WHO is God's father
WILL our current religions be told as fictional stories (like the Greeks) in the future
HOW did you know what religion to choose
HOW do we know what was written was meant to be turned into a religion instead of a philosophy 

Those are just a few question that I have had that have never been answered. Like I said I was raised baptist but I have been the Catholic churches and they are a spectical and not in a bad way. It is completely different going to a catholic and baptist churches, baptists are usually less structures in the churches I have been to and when I went to the catholic churches I felt that I was in a club and did know the secret hand shake. (Again this is just my experience in the few catholic churches I have been to) Catholics have rituals that baptists don't like when the preacher Father says 'Bless you' the whole church goes 'And with you'. This completely threw me off when it happened the first time, because I was not warned this would happen, I felt like I didn't have the script. In baptist churches the preacher preaches, the choir sings, the congregation opens up the hymns and sings, the preacher preaches some more and church is let out with the choir singing. (yes I left bits out but that is the just of it) So going into this Catholic church I was expecting about the same, but it wasn't and it was nice. I like to ritual of it all. As I understand it (and I could be wrong) Catholics and Baptist belief the same core stuff virgin birth; miracles; atonement for sins through the death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus; the Trinity. But Catholics are (I don't know how to say this so bare with me) more hardcore, like with the rituals, Lent, and Christenings. 

What I don't get is why the difference? Why are there multiple religions that all use the same book? I mean all Christians(Baptists, Catholics, Pentecostals Etc) use the whole bible, Mormons recognize the Bible but use the Book of Mormon(am I right on this), Judaism uses the Old Testament, and Muslims recognize it as an old version. (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong I want to know) 

I realise some may not want to answer in the comments so if you do feel like making a response you can email me at jesslynnsteele (at) gmail (dot) com


I am sorry this is so long winded but sometimes you just have to let all of your crazy out so it is easier to sort.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few things about me

park pictures 206

  1. I love going to the park but I get too hot and am ready to leave in about an hour or less
  2. I am a gigantic procrastinator. I would have last weeks daily pictures up I still haven't uploaded the pictures/same with the Mardi Gras pictures
  3. I really miss going to school. I will be going back soon not sure if it is going to be online or in class yet, but I cannot wait!
  4. I am fascinated with religion even though I am not an extremely religious person (I know there are so many religious bloggers) I want to know about all the religions. I may have to do a post on this! Yaya for ideas!
  5. I am always sick. My doctor says I am completely healthy, but my stomach hurts the majority of the time. It gets worse when I am nervous or anxious so I am no good around big groups of people like at parties.
  6. I use to not be this way in high school I was a huge people person, now I am not!
  7. I am very jumpy when riding (but not driving, I am more composed then) in a car. I have been in 3 wrecks in a 1 year span all of them totaled my cars.  
  8. I am jealous of short people. I am not extremely tall but I am tall enough for it to be hard to find pants, shorts, and skirts long enough. I do not like ankle length dresses.
  9. I have about 30ish cook books and I only use 2.
  10. Alton Brown is my favorite food network chef, I have 4 of his books and a couple of Good Eats seasons on DVD but I haven't used them in over 2 years.
  11. If Josh didn't wake me up for work every morning I would never be on time, even though it only take me 5 minutes to get dressed. making breakfast takes a lot longer.

We will be back to out regular irregular post schedule soon. (when I upload pictures)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Smell of Love

So this week I have been basking in the glow of getting recently engaged so I have done a whole bunch of nothing but cuddling and spending time with my mister. But I will show you just how well he knows me.

I am not a fan of real flowers, I am all about floral prints but the real deal...No thank you! I have always been this way I don't like the smell of most flowers, (I love me some Honeysuckles though...reminds me of summer getting the "honey" out yumm!)

 I am not a chocolate fan or of jewelry so I am super fun on anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and any other flower giving sort or day/celebration. But anywho the day before Valentine's Day I get a text from my mom asking for my suite number at work, and my first thought is more flowers...I love my mom but she always sends me flowers! I am appreciative I say thank you, they are pretty but I also keep them on the other side of the room from me so I don't have to smell them and when I bring them home I stay far away until I see the first sign of droopiness & I chuck the smelly plant in the trash. I know it is horrible but I just don't like floral smells & roses are the worst! (is this when I turn in my lady card?) But yes, she called asking for my suite number and then on my way home I told the Mister and I told him I appreciate the thought that she puts into my gifts but just once I wish she would send me an edible arrangement, so I could at least get some use out of it and it would not be a complete waste of money! Well surprise surprise the next day I get an edible arrangement from the mister!!! He even specified no chocolate!
 Okay so they did give me chocolate covered apples but if they weren't covered they would have browned. I mean with a guy like that how could I not want to marry him??? And on top of that he gave me my real Valentine's present before the Superbowl, an amazon gift card, so I would not be bored and could have a book to read!

Okay I am sorry I just cannot stop bragging about him. I want to know what you did this Valentine's week? Did you spend it pampering yourself, did you have a date, do you even celebrate it? Let my know!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunshine & Lollipops

This weekend was a LOOOONG and eventful one. Friday we went out to eat at Outback (WOOHOO gift cards!) and then we went to see Star Wars in 3D. It was awesome! I love me some Star Wars and it works in 3D granted it wasn't filmed for 3D but it still worked.

Saturday we slept in then went to the Mardi Gras parade grounds at 2 to hang out before walking in the parade at 5. It was SOOOO cold and windy. I have wind burn on my cheeks a little bit from it. I cannot wait to do it again next year. It was a blast. I was worried about my anxiety and getting sick but it wasn't too bad. I was a little sickly but when we started walking and tossing beads/confetti it was fun & I wasn't sickly any more. (Score 1 Jessica / Anxiety 0)

Sunday we slept in again. (Sat. we went to bed at 8 we were exhausted ) Went shopping, made a carrot cake for the Mister & when to my parents for the Mister's birthday dinner.

Picnik collage

7. Buttons  8.Sun  9.Front Door  10.Self  11.something that makes you happy 

Ok so I know it is on the wrong hand the Mister wasn't sure, after some Googling we figured it out. But YES the Mister proposed!!! Last night it was the end of his birthday week and he ask if I would give him one last gift as we were getting ready for bed. I had a confused look on my face because I was tired and was not expecting it, then he handed me a diamond ring pop and I was so excited! I said yes of course and then he gave me this antique ring and it fits perfect! The ring is so pretty and old like me, (ok I am not old I just like old things) the Mister calls me an old lady all the time and this fits me and my personality perfectly! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me but I am.  Now I can justify my giant pinboard of wedding ideas on pinterest!!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

**UPDATE** 24 Before 25

Picnik collage
#6. Read 2 more books: Celia Rivenbark's Stop Dressing your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank  &  Ally Condie's Matched & I am currently reading the second in the Matched Trilogy Crossed. I also started reading Divergent on my printer tablet but it randomly changes the page so I got frustrated and gave up but I keeping thinking about the book so I may buy is again on my other tablet to finish.  3 out of 5 books.

#15 I have found a few new ways to fix my hair I will post hair pictures soon

#21 I am currently putting together Blake's and my Grandparents Valentine's together

#22 I am attempting to get a penpal through nerdfighter community, we will see how that turns out. But if y'all would like to help me out on this one send me an email.

#24 I am going to be walking in the Mardi Gras parade this year to help out on this one (lets cross our fingers that I don't get sick)


Hot Cocoa and Happy Plates

feb pictures
I do not feel comfortable taking pictures of strangers so how about a strangers car.
OK so in reality I was sleeping at 10am on Sunday morning so this is Monday at 10am I was at work warming my typing fingers with so hot cocoa! (I forgot my marshmallows at home)
So somebody was super hungry last night and as the Mister was putting my bacon wrapped pork medallion on my plate I was already eating the corn and green beans, so sorry you cannot see what I ate but here is my happy plate.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Handy with words

Ha Ha sorry I know that title is only funny if you know what is in the post but it makes me giggle and & really like stupid jokes and puns. Anywho yesterday's photo was words, I tried really hard to get stopped by a train so I could take a picture of graffiti (because I love it!) but both ways to work no train so I settled for my next Saturday's plans.

I cannot wait until Josh's birthday! And I get to walk in the Mardi Gras parade!!! I haven't been in a parade since Drama in High School and I loved it. It was so much fun! I always gave the candy to the shy looking kids who didn't run in the street because I knew they wouldn't get any if someone didn't hand it to them.

Well day 3 is hands and since I am at work I did a picture holding my favorite hand lotion.
I love me so Burt's Bees and Milk & Honey is the best scent ever!!!Like the polish? It is Essie I forget the name but I like it a whole lot. I have been really getting in to nail polish lately mainly Essie & Sally Hensen Xtreme wear.

Well I am out of here I hope y'all enjoy the Super Bowl or the commercials & a book like I will, talk to y'all Monday!

I may post some of our yummy Super Bowl snack!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

View of the Day

Today is a nice and drizzly day. I don't know about y'all but Texas has had a serious lack rain for a long time, so when we get rain I get excited. I love rain! I love the smell right before it starts to rain, I love how I get the best sleep when it is raining and I love what it does for my yard & garden. So ya I do not mind that is is drizzly today, that is rained hard yesterday and that the 5 day forecast has at least a 30% chance of rain everyday until Sunday.
What is your view of the day? And how do you feel about rain??