Thursday, May 24, 2012

You get what you pay for

In the past two weekends The Mister and I have attended 2 dance recitals, the first for his niece and the second for The Princess. And let me just say if my parents were not moving The Princess would not be going be to the dance studio she went to the past 2 years. Let's start with the first recital for The Mister's niece:

  • The dancing was incredible!
  • They introduced the graduating seniors (including accomplishments in school, church and clubs)
  • They had an award ceremony for 5-10 years (a trophy and a rose)
  • They gave a Rose ring with a Diamond in the center to the girls who attended for 15 years
  • The recital had a story line with teachers 'acting' to transition and when props were added and subtracted
  • The older girls helped the younger girls with the steps from both sides of the stage
  • Costumes were cute
  • Music was appropriate
  • Neat souvenir program with pictures and well wishes for the girls (had to pay to get picture in program)
  • Mister's Niece was wonderful
  • No free program only the $10 dollar program with picture of the girls

Princess' Recital

  • The princess was precious
  • Had dancers of all ages (had a lady in her 30s up there with the 20 y/o girls group) 
  • Free program
  • 2 girls were remarkable dancers
  • Most of the dancers were way off beat (expected with the beginners not the advanced classes)
  • The music choices were horrendous *
  • It seemed thrown together, it did not flow from one act to another
  • No introduction at all to the dancers, no acknowledgement to the graduating girls or anything. They just started dancing.
  • No sign of the instructors, usually the instructors or the studio owner introduces the studio and says something about the performance, but we got nothing! 
  • I could not see anyone on the sides helping the younger girls(I was sitting where I could see of stage on one side)

*for 7-10 year old hip-hop class the song choice was absolutely horrible it was talking about "getting 4 more shots of Patron" and I believe the song was a remixed version of Bass Down Low by DEV. I will have to watch the DVD when my parents get it in but I remember that line distinctively and when I googled it that song came up and it sounds very close to what they danced to. I was not impresses by the song choices. But the Princess was adorable.

How would you feel about unsavory music being played at an event that had young kids participating? 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

This week is flying by! I cannot believe it is already Wednesday. Well today I decided to dive in to wedding dresses.

I love this dress so much!! I wanted to make it like this bride did but I am not that good at crocheting yet so I am on the hunt for something else. But seriously LOVE IT!!!
Sandra - Beautiful Vintage Inspired Tea Length Wedding Dress.
This dress is an Etsy find and I love the lace on top I just wish it was all over.
Ellie--2 Piece, Lace and Cotton Wedding Dress
This is another Etsy dress I just wish it was poofier. I love the Lace and the sleeve length (I am always cold)
A 50s wedding or cocktail dress in white duchess satin, can be made custom and any size welcome.
Have I mentioned I love Etsy? This dress is beautiful! It is so clean cut, and the scalloped ribbing is gorgeous. The only problem I see with this dress is the neck (I get over whelmed and and start feeling hot and cannot have anything around my neck, so that could be a problem) But it is SO PRETTY!  

Have you noticed a pattern? I love the tea length dresses. I prefer lace but the last one is still beautiful. What is you favorite style of wedding dresses?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo Widow and Graduation

So I am the only one who is a Diablo 3 widow? The Mister is loving it! But I do not mind because I was able to work in my sewing room organizing it one day and the next day I weeded the garden (it was getting BAD) and it even allowed me to spend the night with my little Thursday night. Friday was her pre-k graduation so we had a pajama party.


 and did some bubble blowing.


and a little bit of coloring. 
Friday morning I realized just how simaliar my dad and I are. He went to drop off the little and I decided to get kolaches and he did the same!


We even got the same order 2 jalapeno, one boudain and a few doughnuts. I do miss going to the "good" kolache shop by my parents house. The one close to our house is not as good and they do not serve boudain kolaches. But seriously the graduation was so cute!

Blake's Graduation!

There were tears everywhere, teacher, students and parents.


The kids sang songs and showed off their works it was precious. I am glad I was able to go, since my parents are moving 2+ hours away I know it will be much harder for me to attend her future school activities without taking a whole day off of work instead of an hour or two.

Have y'all been to any graduations so far this year? Was it full of tears or were the kids ready to be out of there?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

What are the rules for engagement pictures anyway? I have heard it doesn't really matter when you take them as long as it is before the wedding.The Mister and I have not taken ours yet but I am on the look out for some great ideas.

I am completely fasinated with this picture. I love the whole laying on the ground but making it look like you are standing pictures. (the sleep babies at

Seriously I love sidewalk chalk (I am such a kid at heart)
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I cannot get enough of chalk

The fair was a few months ago so I am not sure if we can do this, but I am keeping my eye out for the little mall carnivals to see if we can get this great slide picture!

I may convince the Mister to go to the park to take pictures. I know he won't mind because we always take the little to the park and have a blast!

How cute is this? I love the movement and way his legs frame her!

Bubbles!! Are you serious? I adore bubbles, heck I am always packing (bubbles that is). This would be awesome!

What are y'all's thoughts on engagement photos? Get them done as soon as it happens or wait and do engagement / save the dates all at once?


P.S. Have y'all noticed that more and more on pinterest the pictures are uploaded by user and there is not source site? It is a little frustrating not being able to site my sources, so if you happen to know any of the sources let me know I will gladly update it. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

My week in pictures

Oh how my garden grows Latest addiction
healthy lunches Pooh's lessons
mosquito welps Mosquito attacks
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled

-Sunflowers with a little garlic friend
-I am so in love with this series so far, too bad the next book it so far away
-No leftovers for lunch, decided to be healthy and go with a tuna wrap and OJ
-Piglet: How do you spell love / Pooh: You don't spell love you feel it
-Mosquito attacks
- in two days I jumped that far (seriously cannot wait until 2013)
-I was whooping the mister's hiney until the double 7 tile...hopefully I can catch up
-How sweet is the mister leaving my sweet notes in my lunch
- I love how many jalapenos we are getting, salsa anyone?
-Our first cucumber of the season..Bunny foo-foo back off!
- I think I found Jack's beanstock! (I cannot wait to start my canning again!)


What have you been up to this week?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A fun workout

So I am lazy when it comes to working out. When I was in school I loved to lift weights, because it relaxed me from the stress going on in my life. So now that I am happy with little stress and no real anger I don't feel the urge to pump iron. I was never a fan of running because it hurts my shoulders (even though I did run track), and I am way too uncoordinated to do Zumba or any work out class. BUT, I found a fun new way to work out. It is rather expensive but the whole family will enjoy it because it is....
A Slip-n-Slide.
Ok so no it is not really a piece of workout equipment but it sure did make my muscles ache like crazy like I just worked out. If I was willing to spend 200 a day for a week I would be super toned slipping on this.
Yes I jumped my Uncle
A. because it was his birthday
B. because it was fun
C. because he was trying to get me so I beat him to the punch

He dumped me on two little kids(no one was hurt).

We had a blast this past weekend celebrating my Uncle's birthday with a crawfish boil and a little workout.  The other girls were saying that they were sore too, so I know it is not just because I am a pansy. I even tried to get the Mister on but he didn't want to get wet, and he didn't bring back up clothes.  I know he took videos thought I just cannot find them (maybe he didn't upload them with the rest of the pictures...humm) well if I find them I sure will post them. 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So I know I mentioned this in the last Wedding Wednesday post but I am having a County Fair style wedding and reception. Luck for me some other people have had carnival and fair weddings and parties so I have found some great inspiration.
This site had some great ideas. I doubt we are going to have any rides at our reception because come on it is a bit much (in my opinion) . But we are going to have some activities besides dancing (because I would rather play washers than two-step)
Frosted Weddings Vintage Carnival Wedding
This is a mash up of a few different events but I do like the bow tie, the photo op accessories, the fabric flowers on the bottom left and the wooden signage (but I doubt I will put hoedown since I already have nay-sayers dissing my wedding plans IRL, I do not want to add to the list of stuff they can trash talk on)Sorry about that but you should never tell a bride to be her plans are tacky and she would be better of going to the Justice of the Peace to get married
colorful country fair wedding
This couples wedding is AMAZING and pretty dang close to what I have in mind for my wedding. I love the laid back feel, the decorations, it being outdoors, pretty much all of it (minus flowers and cake)
I wish I could find a venue like theirs' but so far I have had not luck on a barn hunt but I may have found the next best thing(fingers crossed).

I know there are so many more beautiful weddings out there but I am going to stop here so I can have future posts.


Monday, May 7, 2012

*UPDATE* 24 Before 25

Picnik collage

1. I have decided to skip this one and all that go with it to focus on the DIY for the wedding
2. I am slowly doing this I just went through my button collection and sorted them in to color jars and this week is fabric
3. all but floors are done!
5. we have sold 3 pumpkin butters so far*yay* and we are debating if we want to sell our garlic of not
6(a). Ha well we know this is finished but I have listened to Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver  (SO GOOD) while I was waiting on Insurgent to be released and it is now on my tablet waiting on me. 
6(b). um nothing new on this front but now I have a deadline on my dates with Blake because at the end of the summer my parents are moving :(
9. We are actually working on this but not on purpose, our light/ceiling fan died on us so we had to go get a new one and we also got new curtains, next is painting!
10. I think I am going to change this to finish my blanket, which is almost done but I keep procrastinating 
13. Last week was new meals week and 2 out of 3 were good (I did not take pictures sadly)
15. My hair cut has made this easy and harder, my go to twisted braids will no longer work but it curls easier.
17. See #1 
18. I think I have gotten better (right??)
19. A must do since hearing the news of my parents moving and the past 5 weekends (minus this past one) I have been with them. This weekend was with the other side of the family.
22. DONE! Right now it is via email
24. We had a family reunion Sat. and I did not get sick.


Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Forth be with you!

Star Wars, Star Wars.
I am assuming I am not the only one in the bloggerverse who is excited about today! 1st it is May the Forth which is Star Wars Day!!! *squeal of excitement* And second today The Avengers comes out *double squeal*! This weekend is going to be a nerdy good time! Any ways I wanted to show you some of the awesome Star Wars stuff I have been lurking at.
I can see the Mister making this for our future babies
Admiral Ackbar
What better way to teach kids their letters than with Star Wars flash cards made by . 
I already wanted to know how to cross-stitch before this but man o man do I want to start today!
Have y'all seen this??? I have been pining over this for a LONG time like back when she posted this in Sept. 2010! I want a kid so bad so I can make them this. OK I don't want a kid right now but still.  Do you think it would work to keep adults quiet?(hmm may get it for the Mister)
Please tell me this made you laugh too. When I first saw the bottom two I literally LOL'ed, then my Josh looked at me like I was crazy shook his head and went back to playing his game. (speaking of which is anyone getting Diablo?) 

Chewie and Han
How cute Chewie and Han / Calvin and Hobbs mash-up I think it was on teefury one day but I found some really awesome Calvin and Hobbs mash-ups like this here

OK I think that is enough because I can go on all day long with this stuff but if you have not checked it out Max over at is doing star wars all month long (she makes the cutest things for her little boy, and I just not her new little one will be just as cute)