Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Countdown to Halloween: Crafts!


Not everyone wants to get messy and cut up a pumpkin, or they have littles who cannot carve them for safety reasons. These are some crafts to do when you are in the holiday spirit and don't want to mess with a pumpkin.

Pasta Skeletons
Like always Mrs. Martha Stewart have these pasta skeletons, plus is doesn't hurt when you can teach with your crafts. 

These are just the cutest! I love footprint and fingerprint are for little kids. I think it is precious and a good thing for them to see when they are grown. 

Cute Halloween Crafts
Or you could even decorate your own candy bag!! This is just too cool and what kid would not be happy to say they made their own candy monster!

fun halloween crafts.
I love this and it would be so cute in classes on the Halloween or costume day on the back of the chairs for candy.  Oh and if you follow the link you will get directions and supply list

This little bat from Katie's Nesting Spot is just too cute! I want to run over to my parents house now to make this with The Little.


What kid crafts have y'all been up to? Sadly I have not done much but I hope that will change soon!

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