Thursday, May 24, 2012

You get what you pay for

In the past two weekends The Mister and I have attended 2 dance recitals, the first for his niece and the second for The Princess. And let me just say if my parents were not moving The Princess would not be going be to the dance studio she went to the past 2 years. Let's start with the first recital for The Mister's niece:

  • The dancing was incredible!
  • They introduced the graduating seniors (including accomplishments in school, church and clubs)
  • They had an award ceremony for 5-10 years (a trophy and a rose)
  • They gave a Rose ring with a Diamond in the center to the girls who attended for 15 years
  • The recital had a story line with teachers 'acting' to transition and when props were added and subtracted
  • The older girls helped the younger girls with the steps from both sides of the stage
  • Costumes were cute
  • Music was appropriate
  • Neat souvenir program with pictures and well wishes for the girls (had to pay to get picture in program)
  • Mister's Niece was wonderful
  • No free program only the $10 dollar program with picture of the girls

Princess' Recital

  • The princess was precious
  • Had dancers of all ages (had a lady in her 30s up there with the 20 y/o girls group) 
  • Free program
  • 2 girls were remarkable dancers
  • Most of the dancers were way off beat (expected with the beginners not the advanced classes)
  • The music choices were horrendous *
  • It seemed thrown together, it did not flow from one act to another
  • No introduction at all to the dancers, no acknowledgement to the graduating girls or anything. They just started dancing.
  • No sign of the instructors, usually the instructors or the studio owner introduces the studio and says something about the performance, but we got nothing! 
  • I could not see anyone on the sides helping the younger girls(I was sitting where I could see of stage on one side)

*for 7-10 year old hip-hop class the song choice was absolutely horrible it was talking about "getting 4 more shots of Patron" and I believe the song was a remixed version of Bass Down Low by DEV. I will have to watch the DVD when my parents get it in but I remember that line distinctively and when I googled it that song came up and it sounds very close to what they danced to. I was not impresses by the song choices. But the Princess was adorable.

How would you feel about unsavory music being played at an event that had young kids participating? 

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