Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

What are the rules for engagement pictures anyway? I have heard it doesn't really matter when you take them as long as it is before the wedding.The Mister and I have not taken ours yet but I am on the look out for some great ideas.

I am completely fasinated with this picture. I love the whole laying on the ground but making it look like you are standing pictures. (the sleep babies at

Seriously I love sidewalk chalk (I am such a kid at heart)
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I cannot get enough of chalk

The fair was a few months ago so I am not sure if we can do this, but I am keeping my eye out for the little mall carnivals to see if we can get this great slide picture!

I may convince the Mister to go to the park to take pictures. I know he won't mind because we always take the little to the park and have a blast!

How cute is this? I love the movement and way his legs frame her!

Bubbles!! Are you serious? I adore bubbles, heck I am always packing (bubbles that is). This would be awesome!

What are y'all's thoughts on engagement photos? Get them done as soon as it happens or wait and do engagement / save the dates all at once?


P.S. Have y'all noticed that more and more on pinterest the pictures are uploaded by user and there is not source site? It is a little frustrating not being able to site my sources, so if you happen to know any of the sources let me know I will gladly update it. 

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  1. The rules are, who cares? :) Just make sure your looks kind of compliment each other so the focus is on both of you. My husband and I took some of ours in one of our favorite bookstores. We also went to this really cool beach that has petrified trees. I say just do stuff that reflects you.

    Have fun taking them.