Thursday, May 10, 2012

A fun workout

So I am lazy when it comes to working out. When I was in school I loved to lift weights, because it relaxed me from the stress going on in my life. So now that I am happy with little stress and no real anger I don't feel the urge to pump iron. I was never a fan of running because it hurts my shoulders (even though I did run track), and I am way too uncoordinated to do Zumba or any work out class. BUT, I found a fun new way to work out. It is rather expensive but the whole family will enjoy it because it is....
A Slip-n-Slide.
Ok so no it is not really a piece of workout equipment but it sure did make my muscles ache like crazy like I just worked out. If I was willing to spend 200 a day for a week I would be super toned slipping on this.
Yes I jumped my Uncle
A. because it was his birthday
B. because it was fun
C. because he was trying to get me so I beat him to the punch

He dumped me on two little kids(no one was hurt).

We had a blast this past weekend celebrating my Uncle's birthday with a crawfish boil and a little workout.  The other girls were saying that they were sore too, so I know it is not just because I am a pansy. I even tried to get the Mister on but he didn't want to get wet, and he didn't bring back up clothes.  I know he took videos thought I just cannot find them (maybe he didn't upload them with the rest of the pictures...humm) well if I find them I sure will post them. 


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