Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diablo Widow and Graduation

So I am the only one who is a Diablo 3 widow? The Mister is loving it! But I do not mind because I was able to work in my sewing room organizing it one day and the next day I weeded the garden (it was getting BAD) and it even allowed me to spend the night with my little Thursday night. Friday was her pre-k graduation so we had a pajama party.


 and did some bubble blowing.


and a little bit of coloring. 
Friday morning I realized just how simaliar my dad and I are. He went to drop off the little and I decided to get kolaches and he did the same!


We even got the same order 2 jalapeno, one boudain and a few doughnuts. I do miss going to the "good" kolache shop by my parents house. The one close to our house is not as good and they do not serve boudain kolaches. But seriously the graduation was so cute!

Blake's Graduation!

There were tears everywhere, teacher, students and parents.


The kids sang songs and showed off their works it was precious. I am glad I was able to go, since my parents are moving 2+ hours away I know it will be much harder for me to attend her future school activities without taking a whole day off of work instead of an hour or two.

Have y'all been to any graduations so far this year? Was it full of tears or were the kids ready to be out of there?


  1. Hi there, I'm a bit of a gamer's widow too, thanks to an array of games but the most recent being Diablo 3 :) It sure keeps them busy and gives us lots of time to ourselves!!

    1. I love the free time I get when The Mister is playing games. I like to chance to read or craft.