Friday, May 4, 2012

May the Forth be with you!

Star Wars, Star Wars.
I am assuming I am not the only one in the bloggerverse who is excited about today! 1st it is May the Forth which is Star Wars Day!!! *squeal of excitement* And second today The Avengers comes out *double squeal*! This weekend is going to be a nerdy good time! Any ways I wanted to show you some of the awesome Star Wars stuff I have been lurking at.
I can see the Mister making this for our future babies
Admiral Ackbar
What better way to teach kids their letters than with Star Wars flash cards made by . 
I already wanted to know how to cross-stitch before this but man o man do I want to start today!
Have y'all seen this??? I have been pining over this for a LONG time like back when she posted this in Sept. 2010! I want a kid so bad so I can make them this. OK I don't want a kid right now but still.  Do you think it would work to keep adults quiet?(hmm may get it for the Mister)
Please tell me this made you laugh too. When I first saw the bottom two I literally LOL'ed, then my Josh looked at me like I was crazy shook his head and went back to playing his game. (speaking of which is anyone getting Diablo?) 

Chewie and Han
How cute Chewie and Han / Calvin and Hobbs mash-up I think it was on teefury one day but I found some really awesome Calvin and Hobbs mash-ups like this here

OK I think that is enough because I can go on all day long with this stuff but if you have not checked it out Max over at is doing star wars all month long (she makes the cutest things for her little boy, and I just not her new little one will be just as cute)


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