Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So I know I mentioned this in the last Wedding Wednesday post but I am having a County Fair style wedding and reception. Luck for me some other people have had carnival and fair weddings and parties so I have found some great inspiration.
This site had some great ideas. I doubt we are going to have any rides at our reception because come on it is a bit much (in my opinion) . But we are going to have some activities besides dancing (because I would rather play washers than two-step)
Frosted Weddings Vintage Carnival Wedding
This is a mash up of a few different events but I do like the bow tie, the photo op accessories, the fabric flowers on the bottom left and the wooden signage (but I doubt I will put hoedown since I already have nay-sayers dissing my wedding plans IRL, I do not want to add to the list of stuff they can trash talk on)Sorry about that but you should never tell a bride to be her plans are tacky and she would be better of going to the Justice of the Peace to get married
colorful country fair wedding
This couples wedding is AMAZING and pretty dang close to what I have in mind for my wedding. I love the laid back feel, the decorations, it being outdoors, pretty much all of it (minus flowers and cake)
I wish I could find a venue like theirs' but so far I have had not luck on a barn hunt but I may have found the next best thing(fingers crossed).

I know there are so many more beautiful weddings out there but I am going to stop here so I can have future posts.


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