Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

This week is flying by! I cannot believe it is already Wednesday. Well today I decided to dive in to wedding dresses.

I love this dress so much!! I wanted to make it like this bride did but I am not that good at crocheting yet so I am on the hunt for something else. But seriously LOVE IT!!!
Sandra - Beautiful Vintage Inspired Tea Length Wedding Dress.
This dress is an Etsy find and I love the lace on top I just wish it was all over.
Ellie--2 Piece, Lace and Cotton Wedding Dress
This is another Etsy dress I just wish it was poofier. I love the Lace and the sleeve length (I am always cold)
A 50s wedding or cocktail dress in white duchess satin, can be made custom and any size welcome.
Have I mentioned I love Etsy? This dress is beautiful! It is so clean cut, and the scalloped ribbing is gorgeous. The only problem I see with this dress is the neck (I get over whelmed and and start feeling hot and cannot have anything around my neck, so that could be a problem) But it is SO PRETTY!  

Have you noticed a pattern? I love the tea length dresses. I prefer lace but the last one is still beautiful. What is you favorite style of wedding dresses?


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