Monday, June 4, 2012

Poison Ivy - An Itchy Outbreak

Well guys I have been MIA because of the cursed plant called Poison Ivy! The Mister was being a sweetheart and decided to chop down some trees in our back yard, then he was cursed by this dastardly plant. From Friday to Sunday we had no sign so we thought we were in the clear. Monday we saw our first glimpse of the itching bubbles on his legs and one arm. 
Poison Ivy   
I am lucky enough to not be allergic to Poison Ivy. I had no idea what to do when I saw his rash. The Mister had some alcohol and Calamine lotion and we used that but I was on a mission to find more cures. So I made a round of calls to family and friends for cures.

1. Alcohol and Calamine and just let it run its course
(Used this from Mon to Wed)

2. Take a cold bath with a little bleach in the water
(was afraid of getting in a bath would spread it)

3. Clean with alcohol, then soak a rag in  ice cold WHOLE milk and apply that to the rash
(I forgot to by whole milk, but my brother is highly allergic and uses this method religiously)

4. Get a bottle of alcohol pour some out add a whole bottle of campophanique and 15 mash up Advil apply to rash 
(didn't try this but I did buy the ingredients for next time)

5. Clean with Dawn dish soap then apply calamine
(We don't use Dawn in our house but he did was with our dish soap too)

6. Try Poison Ivy medicines like Zanfel, Invarest, or Tecnu
(Wed I got some Invarest lotion so he washed, applied alcohol then applied the Inverest. Sat I he switched to Tecnu and the Invarest wash and on Sunday night it was scabbing over)

I do not know what made his rash start to clear up but I am SOO glad that it did my poor man was miserable! Now we are fully stocked for another bout of the Poison Ivy (but I hope it doesn't happen for a LONG LONG time). What kind of remedies do you have for treating Poison Ivy, and are you allergic to the evil plant? 


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