Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One more day!

I cannot believe tomorrow is Halloween! Last night Da'Hubby and I were not home to watch a Halloween movie, instead we played in a costume bowling tournament. hallowern bowling tourney
We were Superman and Supergirl! We did see a few other superheroes like Robin, Power Rangers, and Wonder Woman.

hallowern bowling tourney
My niece showing off her muscles as Snow White. 

hallowern bowling tourney
Hippy brother-in-law

And lastly sista-in-law as a wickd witch and her little ballerina.

We had so much fun! I whooped some hiney on the first game with 3 strikes in a row (turkey time). On game 2 I sucked it up pretty bad, I lost my super powers I guess. For the costume portion we lost the individual and the group awards, but hopefully next year we will smoke them guys. 


What have you been doing for Halloween this year?

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