Monday, March 10, 2014

Beard Lovin'

This weekend Da'Hubby and I went to Larry's Old Time Trade Days, which is like a giant garage sale or something like that. I have mentioned it before and I love going! This time we were hunting for a glider swing  for our front porch but we found something much cooler! We met this guy!

Picture kidnapped from Texas Beard Company Facebook Page

This is me, Da'hubby, and on the end  Ryan one of the owners Texas Beard Company. If you you are a beard-lover or know a beard-lover you need to go to his site and check out the great stuff that he makes.

This is what we got Da'Hubby.  Mint Eucalyptus Beard Balm (this stuff smells amazing) and thrown into the amazing printed bag was the printed oil rag, a sticker and business card. All of the stuff minus the business cards were all made by the 4 guys running the company. I stalked Ryan a bit on instagram and facebook to show my love to the company and they did the shirts and rags in their garage with a silk screen. I am talking hardcore DIY guys here and I love it!  At this point I think I should mention that this is not a sponsored post, we paid for the balm out of our pocket (Okay, Da' Hubby's wallet but still) and we will buy more in the future. This is just a honest review of an indie Texas born company that I am genuinely impressed with. 

They have 3 scents (on their site): 
•Mint Eucalyptus - Smells incredible, it has just the right amount of mint to wake you up in the morning or if put in at night will keep your sinuses clear. (good for snorers - from me not the company)
•Tumbleweed - non-scented if you are worried about not liking the smells, or unsure of what scent your beard-lover would like.
•Clove Citrus - This one was not my cup of tea since I am not a HUGE clove fan, the citrus hints were nice but I do not think I would enjoy snuggling up to my man's beard with the clove in it. (personal preference but if you like cloves and citrus you will love this smell)

Da'Hubby prefers balm over the oils just because he is not a fan of the way the oil it feels in his beard but the balm is amazing. His beard is already feeling softer, and he says it is easier to tame too. We have tried leave-in conditioner (MY Sleek and Smooth Garnier Leave in conditioner) and it works good but it smells girly, and we have not been able to find anything designated for beards without looking online. I have seen Blue Beards on Amazon and the countless ones on Etsy but being able to actually smell it before I bought it was a big plus for me. And not only that, we were able to see the beards of the guys who make the stuff and were able to see first hand what it can do for Da'Hubby's beard.  Basically I am so happy with this brand and their product and I cannot wait to buy more and support their growth. 

Oh and to switch topics real quick - here is the swing Da' Hubby got me!

It is a double glider from M&D Supply and I love it!!! I like to try things out before I buy and sadly the ones at Larry's Trade Days were either not comfortable, unable to try out, or WAY out of our price range.

Do you have any indie brands that you love? I would gladly go check them out! 


  1. Hey Jessica!

    Thanks for the awesome review. Seriously, I'm speechless. I'm really glad you like the balm.

    Email me at ryan@ (mywebsite) .com and I'll hook you up.

    P.S. I also stalked your facebook and I'm pretty sure that either you or people you know work in my building (my day job)

    1. I am just glad I found your product and I am able to spread how great it is.