Monday, January 14, 2013

Have Y'all Missed Me?

I know...I know I should have been posting more but weather happened. Last week around Wednesday night the rain was CRAZY! We had tornado warnings it was scary outside, Heck this happened!!!!!

Not only did this poor store suffer so did our phone line. The Mister and I are just lucky enough to have this happen to us. 

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Lightening struck a tree by our house, traveled down to the roots and found our buried phone line. From there it went straight to our phone box and blew off the door!!! And our plugs were blown out of the wall as well!! Ya it was scary. Oh did I mention the only two things plugged in the wall was our Dish Network box and our router (both blown). Luckily we were safe, we had no fires, and no major damage. Saturday we had  the phone guy come out and fix us up, the phone tower was hit also but only our line was the dead line. We still do not have our cable working so we are watching Netflix and DVDs.  I am so happy to finally be online again and can chat with you guys. I hope you are all safe and sound 


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