Monday, January 21, 2013

Tea Party? Don't Mind if I do!

I may have mentioned this before but I LOVE tea! My favorites are sweet (hello southerner!), green tea, earl grey and lady grey. With that being said I have a shameful secret to share 'I have never tried it with milk before' Ugh I feel so much better to have that out in the open. You may ask why are you ashamed of this fact? Well it is not even a good reason but all of my tea sets come with a creamer container so I feel that it goes hand in hand with tea. I have always had mine with sugar and that was it but I went to a tea party this weekend and decided to try my hand at milk and tea.

The Mister enjoyed it!
His brother (aka The Mad Hatter) enjoyed it! Untitled 
Heck we all did! P.S. how much do you love my silver painted tea set? It was a Christmas gift last year and I LOVE it!!! We had a good time with our little impromptu tea party. What did you do this weekend???

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