Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday! - 31 Days to go!!!

My plan was to show you pictures from the Wedding Shower over the weekend but I have not gotten the pictures yet. I barely had my camera with me, but my Aunt decided she would take all the pictures for me and I have not gotten them yet. I am so thankful for her for doing that for me as well as for all the friends and family who showed up to wish us good luck. Well I guess I will just have to tell you what we have planned for the honeymoon.

We are going to take the 'long' 1 hour trip to Galveston for our honeymoon and I cannot wait! We live so close but I cannot tell you the last time I have been there.

The Mister Has never been to Moody Gardens, we have yet to go to the zoo as a couple ( that is in Houston but not too far way) and we are going to spend a week doing things we keep putting off but really want to do. I love the museums in Houston but haven't been in so long. They opened a new pier on Galveston Island and I didn't even know! I have not been over there since before Hurricane Rita in 2005. I want to see how much has changed in the area! I know it was destroyed but it was nothing compared to the great hurricane of 1900. I love the history of the town and the laid back nature of it. I know we will have a blast and we will take tons of pictures.

yay hats
Wait I am wrong I was in Galveston with my MOH May 2007 for a girls day trip. But that is still 6 years ago! (can we please acknowledge how short my hair is in this picture).


Hopefully next week I will have wedding shower pictures for y'all!

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