Monday, January 7, 2013

How to un-blah a Monday

I am not a fan of Monday mornings at all! The Mister has to pry me out of bed, and I just hate waking up early to get to work. But I think it is time for me to make Mondays a little less miserable.
Idea note_5_01

- I always start off with a big glass of sweet tea. (you could try coffee or hot tea) I guess that is from being from the south.
- I make a quick filling breakfast (today everything bagel with cream cheese and ham)
- I give my mister a huge hug and kiss (which can make any day better)

If this has not put me in a better mood or woken me up I resort to the heavy artillery.

- Play cheerful songs (usually 90's music) and sing to my hearts content on my way to work
- Hot Cocoa as soon as I get to work  (the sugar rush helps and it is so dang tasty!)
- Open up flickr and look at fun times at with my family
- Do a good deed (pay for someone's breakfast in the drive thru or bring in coffee for the guys at work)
- Take a walk outside, fresh air always helps me
- Do some stretches, get those endorphin's working for you.

By this time my day has successfully gotten better! I would love to hear what tips and tricks you have to make your crummy days better.


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