Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I cannot believe Christmas is just around the corner! (and that I forgot to do any Thanksgiving posts)
I have been working on making presents lately and I am SOOO excited about them.

Ausin Wizard World Com Con
This is from paint night with my niece. Her painting below blew me out of the water.

Brooke's amazing Art
Can you believe that crap. She was looking at a tiny picture on my tablet and busted this bad boy out. All free hand and that is acrylic paint not water paint.

But I made this MASSIVE D20 for my step-dad for his birthday.  I think it is safe to assume he has the biggest one in the family - the one in his other hand was his 'big' die before he got his present.

I also made this Dapper T. Rex (Theodore Rex III to be exact) for my sister. She has a bit of a dino obsession. This makes me so happy I was attacking Da'Hubby with Theodore.

I may have shown this one off, at least I think I did on insta. This is an Owl bracelet I made for my brother's sweet girlfriend. She has an owl obsession but who could blame her.

This is another one I may have shown, this is my 'Mirror, Mirror on the desk who is the best?' gift for my niece. She loves all things Disney. 
Disclaimer: I know that is the wrong face in the mirror but, this face is more memorable than the usual man in the mirror.

Lastly some messy holiday nails.
I took this while it was still wet and I had not cleaned them up yet, I forgot to take a clean picture before I cleaned them off for birthday nails.


So are you doing any fun holiday crafts?

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