Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update

I seriously use to LOVE SNL but lately I have not been able to get in to it, but Weekend Update was a favorite of mine. Any who how was y'all's weekend? Mine so so good!
 mammoth jalapeno Messpot 
messy Blake Untitled
* My brand new pantry light (our old one was florescent and SUCKED) 
*I got this awesome shirt from the antique store across from work
*Seriously how cute are those flowers
* our first gift from the garden a mammoth jalapeno
*REALLY look how big that guy is!
*Little Miss being sassy before the talent show at her school fair
* Mamma C was the make-up artist for 'House Chores Stink'
*Have y'all met this little guy I found while picking berries in our back yard??

I hope y'all's weekend was just as fun as mine, and pretty soon I will have some dewberry/blackberry recipes for all the berries I have picked lately


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