Friday, April 13, 2012

Reliving my childhood

When I was maybe 3 or 4 my parents took me and my brother to go see Trout Fishing in America (I still have the VHS they sold after the show). I loved them!!! I remember having the tape and always singing to it in the car. Well my friends I have gotten Blake in to them too! This is her favorite song.

She is so cute too she does a dino walk and rawrs. Another one she always requests it the duck song.

The Mr. is not a fan when we sing this song because we are SOO annoying when we quack.

I wish the video for this one was better but I love this song, it always makes me giggle.

I sing this song every time I hurt myself. I cut my hand on a bagel one morning and I was crying and told The Mr. I think I'll need a Band-aid or maybe 3-4.

The Mr. HATES this song but it is so dang cute!! Blake and I rock out to these guys all the time!!! I have all of their song on my iPod and I will play them in my car when I am by myself too. I cannot wait until I am teaching because these songs will be played in my class!

This is not the only band I have gotten her in to, she also like The Aquabats (it helps that they make Yo Gabba Gabba) 

What songs / bands did you listen to when you were little? and do your kids listen to them too?

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