Monday, April 23, 2012

Instant Week

Well guys I have been in a very sad mood the past week and haven't felt like doing anything but spend time with my family. I found out last Sunday that my dad is being relocated, so at the end of the summer my dad, mamma C and Blake are moving about 2 hours away. I know it is not that far of a distance but we can no longer just pop over for dinner or run and pick up Blake to get sno-cones. I love spending time with my family and now this will make it a little harder. :(
So this is what my pout-y butt has been up to this week.

image image image image image Untitled image image
1. Picking black berries and scouting areas for picking later in the summer
2. yummy breakfast with the mister
3. finding little eggs in a nest
4. The Mister never remembers to put checks after giving Taco her medicine, so he decided to be a smart-alk and draw symbols
5. Taco resting on my arm while I play Phase 10 with the Mister
6. watching graffiti on trains
7. monochromatic lunch
8. Blake spinning me in a rolley chair

I hope y'all had a fun weekend!!


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