Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So I have not done one of these in a while and I thought today would be a good day to have "another episode of Wedding Wednesday brought to you by crazy family members" (said in a TV announcer's voice)

So guys here is the deal, as you know I do not like the smell of flowers, well The Mister's mom is upset because she ALWAYS does the floral arrangements. I told her no flowers period, well she was seriously giving me a guilt trip (hate those) well I caved and said Honeysuckles are the only flower I would want. The Mister found out and being the wonderful man that he is told her to stop pressuring me and I get to have a flowerless wedding like I had planned!!! All of that being said here are some options I am toying with for bouquets.
Pinwheel Wedding Bouquet
  This Pinwheel Bouquet but in our wedding colors (faded red, blue and yellow *think old county fair)
Pinwheel Wedding Party Set of 4 Pinwheel Bouquets and 4 Boutonnieres by Rule42 - custom designed for you
Or we all carry a single pinwheel and mine be bigger 
Lollipop Bouquet
Or maybe lollipops, but that can get heavy.
This one is my favorite but living in SE Texas it will be too hot and humid sadly.
Custom Bridal Bouquet Alternative - Aqua and Red - Handcrafted
Brooch bouquets are so pretty too

This is just a few ideas for the bouquets for our wedding. What do y'all think for a county fair wedding (with no flowers), what kind of bouquet?
"Next time on Wedding Wednesday we will be discussing the 'cake'"(again in TV announcer's voice)



  1. i'd love to have cotton candy at my wedding but i think i'd just eat entirely TOO much! haha

    1. I know! That and the humidity are the only bad things I can think of about having cotton candy