Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*UPDATE* 24 Before 25

Picnik collage
5. I have made a deal with my step-dad to sell my goods with his goods at the Farmers Market (Saves me from waking up at 5am on Saturday) 
6. I only read one book this month Dishing With The Kitchen Virgin by Susan Reinhardt (really funny)
6. I have scheduled a date with Laura but she is tied up with school and job hunting
**side note it has taken 5 months to notice I numbered this wrong!!!! I did 6 twice, counting fail!!!**
 8. I have started on this I have organized it and we have plenty of paint on hand but we have to empty out the laundry room first 
14. We have been working on this I may have to post it on here for y'all to see. 
15. I am constantly working on this. I got my hair cut last night and the stylist said it will help my hair hold better since it is lighter. 
16. I have an appointment scheduled to get red highlights before I dye it 
18. I think I am pretty good about this now. I do not have a schedule but I think I have been good with one post a week on average. 
19. that was ALL I did this weekend! Friday with Joe, Brooke and Arianna - Saturday with Joe, Brooke, Arianne, Devin, Micha and Amy (ok so far it has only been Josh's side of the family but family none the less) Sunday with my side (partially) Dad, Candice, Blake and Candice's mom dad aunts and uncles. That is about how my whole month has been each weekend covered with family time like the murder mystery, fair, crawfish boils, art in the park and dinners.
 22. Done & Done! 
24. With all my weekend activities I think I have been pretty good. I have only missed one from being sick.
Do y'all set goals? How well are y'all coming along on them?

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