Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lovely Days

I am love my week thus far! Monday Mr and I watched Blake while my parents when out on a date, I love my little sister! We made a fort and watched Rocky and Bullwinkle while eating pizza, then we went to DQ for some ice cream. It was magical. I miss not living with my parents and seeing her everyday but I am happy at where my life is right now. 
Tuesday we had a needy puppy since we got home late Monday, she did not care that I was cooking dinner she wanted to play and cuddle. But you know what? My dinner was worth her whining.
I found the recipe on Pinterest but I cannot find it now *shakes fist in air* but when I find it I will be sure to post it. The Chicken was so tastey and juicy it was amazing!

This morning has been so great and will only get better when Mr and I go to his parents for dinner tonight! Plus how can your day be bad when outside your window is this view?

Plus when I am at work I can listen to audio books and remember how I was missing my fictional friends from The Legend of The Seeker? Well not any more I am on hour 9 of the 36 hours in the FIRST book! Yes can you believe it is 36 hours for just the first book in the series? I will be listening to this book for a while!
And we all know my day is not complete without my sweet tea!
I hope y'all's day/week is as good as mine! Talk to y'all soon.


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