Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have very vivid dreams, like when I wake up I remember the whole thing and it was like I was really there or I was watching a movie. I love that! I love remembering what happens in my sleep. Every morning I tell Mister about my dreams, but lately I have realized that I am dreaming of people that I barely knew in school. Last night my dream was about a fair or carnival where I was riding rides with people from high school that I knew but never spent time with. It is just strange to me, how can I so vividly remember what these people look and sound like when I barley spoke with them in school? This is not the first time this has happened I just find it odd. O well!

It maybe because I am just super tired, this past week the Mister and I started redoing the living room. I have pictures and will go into this in another post when I am able to make it to my sewing room to upload my pictures. Our hall is blocked by furniture, luckily only thing down the hall is my sewing room and the guest room.

Anywhoooo hope y'all had a great and productive weekend, see ya soon and have some sweet vivid dreams.


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