Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treats

Now I know you are thinking... What are you doing making Halloween treats when you should be getting your house presentable? Well, first off nothing is more important than making snacks with my baby sister. And, secondly.....OKAY I have no response to that. I know I need to work on the living room and get some pictures up here for you but I haven't had time. I have been home before 8 pm only one night this week and I did work on the room that night a bit. So there :P

Any who Little Miss had show -n- tell today, and when it is your day for show-n-tell you are suppose to bring snacks. Seeing how it is so close to Halloween and she just decorated pumpkins with my brother she wanted to make pumpkins. I have been seeing this floating around the interwebs so I knew it would be perfect!

and ours look like...


The other ones may look a little fancier, but we had a blast making them! Little Miss was sneaking the mini Reeces and the icing with the Mister. I even got proof of the icing theft.


We had her sticking her tongue out all night as is was getting darker the more icing she ate.

Any who ya'll have a great day! And I promise I will get you the living room pictures soon.


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