Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween all! I hope y'all have big plans for tonight. I am staying at home with the Mister and handing out candy. I am going to be dresses as a VooDoo doll, it is a costume from a few years back but I decided to reuse it. I am not a fan of the costumes at most costume shops, they are a little too revealing for my taste.

Tonight is going to be a quiet night cuddled up watching Halloween favorites like Young Frankenstein and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I cannot wait, I know I am such an old lady!.

What goodys are y'all handing out this year? Do y'all have a go to candy for Halloween? We are handing out Rice Crispy Treats... We live in a little neighborhood where everyone knows everybody so we can do hand made treats and won't get odd looks from parents.

Bloody Zombie

We have bloody Zombies


and Pumpkins

Great Pumpkin

We even have a large pumpkin for the center of our tray 'o goodies. Well I am off I hope y'all have a frightfully good day and I will show off my costume later tonight of tomorrow!

P.S. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, they are from my cell phone.

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