Friday, February 8, 2013

Countdown to Valentine's Day - What will he wear??

DSC02080 - Copy (2)
So in case you are helping your man dress or you are a man and have no clue what to wear let me give you some ideas.

A nice dinner date
Any man would look good in this at a nice dinner. Maybe add a blazer or vest but this is nice. 

Movie Date
Men's movie date

Men's movie date by jesslsteele featuring sweatshirts and hoodies
Your man should always carry a hoodie with him to the movies because us ladies get chilly.

Hanging at the bar with the guys

men at the bar

men at the bar by jesslsteele on Polyvore
I think this is a man uniform for most guys - jeans, tee-shirt, hat, and random shoes

Or if you are staying home and watching movies
hanging at home - Men

hanging at home - Men by jesslsteele on Polyvore
Get cozy grab a beer and your favorite movie!


I want to see what y'all are going to wear on Valentine's day. Instagram me @boc_bocnbows 

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