Thursday, February 7, 2013

Movie Review: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Movie Review title

This is a movie I have been really wanting to watch. I know it has been out for a while but I just knew it would be sad to I kept putting it off. 

A young boy, whose father is a soldier at a concentration camp, befriends a young Jewish boy inside the camp.  

What I thought about it:
 I am a big fan of Holocaust movies, I like to learn about what people went through. This movie shows a different view from what I have seen. It is a tragically good movie. I am a weeper I cry watching Doctor Who, Fox and The Hound and now this movie. You get to see how the families of the soldiers feel, see how the children were 'brainwashed', and how callous the Nazi's were to their own. I do not want to ruin this movie for anyone but I recommend that if you have not seen it yet, look it up on Netfix. I love the mother in this movie, and the son who is so innocent and does not understand what is happening in the world. This is a hauntingly beautiful movie that everyone should watch. 


What are your thoughts? Have you seen this movie? Have you seen any other good movies I should talk about?

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