Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation Recap

Just a heads up this post is going to have tons of pictures from my vacation in Gulfport, MS. Speaking of vacations before heading out for a week long vacation it is wise to see what is happening in the town that you will be staying in, for example while we were in town Gulfport was hosting 'Scraping the Coast' which is basically a car show. I love me some car shows but the roads and restaurants were PACKED with people. Well now that I got that cleared up on with the show!
Look how tan 'Little Miss Sassy Pants' is! Ok that was not all from the trip she lives to be outside, she is a sun/water baby if I have ever seen one.


We ate at Shaggy's on the beach and it was AMAZING! I had the seafood pasta and it had the right amount of spice TONS of seafood and I devoured the whole thing! Even the french fries were wonderful, they were crunchy and had crawfish boil seasoning on them(YUMMY). Little miss got a monster cookie for making a happy plate, how cute is that?


The gang decided to let off some road rage on the track so we headed to the go kart racing. Little Miss didn't want to ride so we jumped on the moon bounce and completely missed the Mister being spun out twice, once by Momma C then by Candice(JR). I am so sad I missed out on that one it would have been SO funny!


She was SUPER sassy this weekend, like annoying everyone had to have her way spoiled sassy, but she had her sweet moments like this.


Someone was afraid of this gator so I had to take a picture with it to show Little Miss it was not scary.

Next Top Model

Hold the presses I have found America's Next Top Model! Check out her poses!


We had to get out of the sun sometimes so we headed for some late night swimming.


We learned it is a little difficult to take under water pictures when you have long hair.


Or when airpockets get in your way


Or you get crazy stalker eyes trying to keep them open


Or this happens?! Seriously what am I doing?


But sometimes the camera gods work in your favor and get these shots 100_0495100_0481 100_0466

I hope y'all are having a great summer so far, and again sorry for so many pictures.

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