Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'Canoe' believe it

Okay sorry I know that was horrible, but I had to, puns/word play are my favorite. Seriously we decided to take advantage of our beautiful weather and go for a canoe trip. 
Lazy canoeing 
Doesn't everybody canoe like this? Let the boys do the work while the ladies prop-up their feet. 
Or the ladies could turn the other way to face their man. 100_0433 
But we mainly like to go for times like this. (sorry if my paleness blinded you, but I did keep my pastiness despite being in the sun for 4-5 hours)
And Back flip contests 
And Belly-flop contests (I did not partake in any of the contests)  100_0402
Yummy lunch break! hotdogs, cantaloupe, sausages, cucumbers and chips 100_0398
And finding submerged logs to fight and pose on
Basically we had a sunscreen smothered blast!

What do you do to enjoy this wonderful summer weather?

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