Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A few things about me

park pictures 206

  1. I love going to the park but I get too hot and am ready to leave in about an hour or less
  2. I am a gigantic procrastinator. I would have last weeks daily pictures up I still haven't uploaded the pictures/same with the Mardi Gras pictures
  3. I really miss going to school. I will be going back soon not sure if it is going to be online or in class yet, but I cannot wait!
  4. I am fascinated with religion even though I am not an extremely religious person (I know there are so many religious bloggers) I want to know about all the religions. I may have to do a post on this! Yaya for ideas!
  5. I am always sick. My doctor says I am completely healthy, but my stomach hurts the majority of the time. It gets worse when I am nervous or anxious so I am no good around big groups of people like at parties.
  6. I use to not be this way in high school I was a huge people person, now I am not!
  7. I am very jumpy when riding (but not driving, I am more composed then) in a car. I have been in 3 wrecks in a 1 year span all of them totaled my cars.  
  8. I am jealous of short people. I am not extremely tall but I am tall enough for it to be hard to find pants, shorts, and skirts long enough. I do not like ankle length dresses.
  9. I have about 30ish cook books and I only use 2.
  10. Alton Brown is my favorite food network chef, I have 4 of his books and a couple of Good Eats seasons on DVD but I haven't used them in over 2 years.
  11. If Josh didn't wake me up for work every morning I would never be on time, even though it only take me 5 minutes to get dressed. making breakfast takes a lot longer.

We will be back to out regular irregular post schedule soon. (when I upload pictures)

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