Friday, February 3, 2012

Handy with words

Ha Ha sorry I know that title is only funny if you know what is in the post but it makes me giggle and & really like stupid jokes and puns. Anywho yesterday's photo was words, I tried really hard to get stopped by a train so I could take a picture of graffiti (because I love it!) but both ways to work no train so I settled for my next Saturday's plans.

I cannot wait until Josh's birthday! And I get to walk in the Mardi Gras parade!!! I haven't been in a parade since Drama in High School and I loved it. It was so much fun! I always gave the candy to the shy looking kids who didn't run in the street because I knew they wouldn't get any if someone didn't hand it to them.

Well day 3 is hands and since I am at work I did a picture holding my favorite hand lotion.
I love me so Burt's Bees and Milk & Honey is the best scent ever!!!Like the polish? It is Essie I forget the name but I like it a whole lot. I have been really getting in to nail polish lately mainly Essie & Sally Hensen Xtreme wear.

Well I am out of here I hope y'all enjoy the Super Bowl or the commercials & a book like I will, talk to y'all Monday!

I may post some of our yummy Super Bowl snack!


  1. Hi there! what nail polish are you wearing in your hands picture? It's really cute.

    1. Mamba by Essie... I love Essie polishes!