Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Smell of Love

So this week I have been basking in the glow of getting recently engaged so I have done a whole bunch of nothing but cuddling and spending time with my mister. But I will show you just how well he knows me.

I am not a fan of real flowers, I am all about floral prints but the real deal...No thank you! I have always been this way I don't like the smell of most flowers, (I love me some Honeysuckles though...reminds me of summer getting the "honey" out yumm!)

 I am not a chocolate fan or of jewelry so I am super fun on anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and any other flower giving sort or day/celebration. But anywho the day before Valentine's Day I get a text from my mom asking for my suite number at work, and my first thought is more flowers...I love my mom but she always sends me flowers! I am appreciative I say thank you, they are pretty but I also keep them on the other side of the room from me so I don't have to smell them and when I bring them home I stay far away until I see the first sign of droopiness & I chuck the smelly plant in the trash. I know it is horrible but I just don't like floral smells & roses are the worst! (is this when I turn in my lady card?) But yes, she called asking for my suite number and then on my way home I told the Mister and I told him I appreciate the thought that she puts into my gifts but just once I wish she would send me an edible arrangement, so I could at least get some use out of it and it would not be a complete waste of money! Well surprise surprise the next day I get an edible arrangement from the mister!!! He even specified no chocolate!
 Okay so they did give me chocolate covered apples but if they weren't covered they would have browned. I mean with a guy like that how could I not want to marry him??? And on top of that he gave me my real Valentine's present before the Superbowl, an amazon gift card, so I would not be bored and could have a book to read!

Okay I am sorry I just cannot stop bragging about him. I want to know what you did this Valentine's week? Did you spend it pampering yourself, did you have a date, do you even celebrate it? Let my know!


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