Thursday, January 19, 2012

Does it really matter Paula?!

So many people are talking about the "Paula Scandal" and I feel that I need to put my two cents in.

Now I want y'all to know I LOVE me some Paula Deen! Her food is amazing, her pans are the greatest ever (I have many), and she seems like an all around sweet person. I am sure I love her because I am southern and she cooks good southern food. I like to say I eat healthy but to be honest if I do not eat that healthy. Heck last night I ate chicken spaghetti which is Velveeta, Rotel, spaghetti noodles, and chicken mixed in a baking dish topped with more cheese until melty and delicious.  I love cheese, butter, carbs, and other bad stuff. Granted I do not eat a whole lot of sweets, not a fan of chocolate, and my favorite snacks are fruity like the frozen fruit pops or yogurt but that is the healthiest bit of my diet. Now that I have gotten that out I want to say that I am not upset or angry at Paula for having diabetes like many people are.

I think that is perfectly fine that she didn't tell everyone that she had diabetes because it has nothing to do with her career. Yes I get that she cooks with TONS of butter and that her food is very fattening and very sweet, but have you ever seen her finish a meal that she makes? NO! Have you ever heard her say anything about over eating what she has cooked? NO! She takes about one bite of food, says she wishes we could taste or smell the food then she moves on to the next dish. I think that the fact that her son is getting a show making her food healthier is great! I think that she will show up on his show, just like they show up on hers. I think that she will do it to preach about moderation and a healthier life-style but she will stick to her 'bread and butter' on her own show. (see what I did there? get it bread and butter? Paula is know for using tons of butter? Get it? huh? Yes I am that clever!) 

Do people think that she eats all of the food that she cooks on her show? Of course she doesn't! I bet you that  the staff on the show eats it, and she eats later (like with her family!) Heck half the time she makes the food twice once on the show and once before the show so we can see the finished product (if it needs to be cooked in the oven) with that much food she is sharing it. But basically I want to say I love Paula Deen and her having diabetes doesn't change my idea of her at all, because I know that she has a TV persona and a real life persona and they do not have to match. So yes I know many people will disagree with me but I still love Paula, I will still watch her show, I will still use her pans, I will still cook some of her recipes, and I will still adore the Paula Butter memes.


P.S. Alton is my favorite Food Network chef ! Who is y'all's?

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