Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A year in review

Well I was going to write up a list of resolutions, but I decided that I am doing the 24 Before 25 and they are about the same. Then I was going to put the top posts of the year but to be honest I haven't really posted enough for that so I decided to put what has happened this year.

-Let's see I moved in with my mister.


-Got bangs

-Renovated the pantry

-Renovated the living room (well partially)

-Started Canning



-Decided to go back to school

-Got an awesome printer

-Started selling stuff I made!

-Decided to open a shop

-Took family photos

-Made my blog a little bit more of a priority

-Went on a lot of sister dates with my little pumpkin

-Got a new couch

Well I think that might be it and if not I cannot remember, because I have a horrible memory! So what did y'all do this year? Did y'all make any resolutions? I would love to hear!


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