Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy little bee!

So guys what have y'all been up to? I have been a busy little bee. The Mister thought his grandmother was coming in the past weekend so I had to attack our guestroom (AKA my closet) I had to iron and hang up all the clothes that I put on the chair instead of putting up after doing laundry. The Mister decided to FINALLY go though his closet and extra drawers in our room to move some of my clothes in. Well it failed! The closet looks great but he has SO MANY Magic cards that they would not  fit in his mini closet. By mini closet I mean that half of my shoes would not fit in there let alone my skirts. We basically had to organize the whole house not for his Grandma but her coming was the catalyst that made us WANT to get it done. Fun thing is that she is coming NEXT weekend! So all of the late nights staying up cleaning and organizing when we have to wake up for work EXHAUSTED! This weekend was spent relaxing after the week of hard work and little sleep.

We had a date night C/O my Grandmother and Grandfather, (they gave us a gift card to a delicious Sushi & Steak restaurant). When we were walking it off at Wal-Mart we came across a cute rug that was perfect size for our living room and colors matched amazingly and for only 50 bucks we had to have it! But being the brilliant blogger that I am I forgot to take pictures of it.

Well guys I have to get back to work now I just wanted to check in and see what y'all have been up to.


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