Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tripoly or Tripolie...

Or how ever you want to spell it! Have y'all heard of this game? It is a super fun poker/gambling game where you bring one roll of nickles and play until everyone get tired! When we first played this game we got a poster board and drew circles on it to play the game. Well for my (ex)step-dad's birthday I made him a board. This board actually.

Custom Tripoley Board $50
Yes he was a Marine, and he thinks that since it says "David Wins" no matter who leaves the table with the money he still won.

Custom Board for David W/ bowls $50
In the beginning of the game you play poker (without showing your cards) so after that the bowl in the middle is moved out of the way. But what do y'all think? I also made one for my aunt.

Tripoley Board Cost $50
Sorry it is fuzzy, it was taken on a cell phone and sent to me(because I am an awesome blogger who makes things and forgets to take pictures of them). Well The bowls on this board are white with black labels. As you can guess my aunt's name is Patty. She has convinced me to start selling my boards, because her friends are jealous and want ones for themselves. I am kinda excited because I have decided to make a shop like I have mentioned on my 24 Before 25  list and I think this might be my first shop item! Well I just wanted to show off what was going on in my craft room lately. What have y'all been crafting?

P.S. if y'all want I can describe how to play the game it is so fun (even though I never win)

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