Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things I ♥ This Week!

1. How excited are y'all about Dr. Who started back? I know I am super excited!

I have missed my Doctor so much!!! I have been watching re-run discovering new things that I hadn't noticed or didn't realize were important until a later episode.

The new episode was so good! I love me some Matt Smith and River Song is growing on me but really you cannot beat David Tennant! I mean check him out on comic relief with Catherine Tate. So Funny!!!

Source: youtube.com via Liz on Pinterest

2. Okay seriously I could go on all day about Doctor Who but that is not the only think I am loving this week.

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I am in such a canning kick if you couldn't see from my previous post

Source: flickr.com via Lisa on Pinterest

3. Squirrels if you saw my posts from this time last year you know I am in love with squirrels! Near the end of summer when it cools down and in the fall the cute little boogers come out and I love it!!

Source: 500px.com via Jessica on Pinterest

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I mean seriously how cute are they???

SO I think that is it for now, but I am always obsessing over something so keep your eyes peeled.



  1. I used to watch the old Dr. Who with my daddy. YAY for canning, and SQUIRREL!


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  3. canning is the best!!! I have never watched Dr.Who I need to check it out

  4. Carrie : The current Doctor Who is on netflix now and on BBCAmerica all the time playing reruns

    Mary♥Mur : Thank you! I am sorry I do not watch MTV awards