Monday, August 29, 2011


So I talked to y'all last week about my hair rut, well Friday I got my hair cut!!! Well I got bangs!


As you can see it is not completely trained yet but it is better today than it was yesterday. I am super happy with my new bangs! My hairdresser is trying to convince me to dye it a lighter color but I am so afraid it won't look right on me. I have only gone darker or red-ish, my dad is a red-head, so I know it works with my skin tone. What do y'all think? Should I go lighter? I know if it looks bad I can always change it back. It is silly I am not afraid to chop off all of my hair because it grows back, but dying it scares me.


I have had super short hair many times, but the first time I colored it was not until I was out of high school! And it wasn't even a full dye, but low lights that were only a few shades darker!!! I am such a scaredy-cat. Well I will let y'all know if I decide to do something more drastic with my hair but until than I am super pleased with my current do!


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